Are you an employee? What are you employed to do? Nurses are employed by the hospitals to take care of the patients. Doctors won’t do that part of work such as changing diapers and taking temperature and blood pressure every other hour. Nurses are employed to solve the problem of patients who need nursery care.
When your toilet got stuck, who do you call? Other than your husband or father, you would call a plumber. You want a reliable plumber who acts fast, and is capable of fixing the problem. In other words, the plumber is employed to solve your toilet problem.

As an employee, if you are, you are employed to solve a certain problem. It may be the problem of the companies, or the customers, or the products or the logistic. When there is no longer such problem you are handling now, you are out of job, sooner or later.
Businesses thrive when they can help more people solve more problems. Companies grow when there are more related problems yet to be solved. More people will be employed to fill the gap, to fulfill the workforce needed to solve the problems. No wonder most business people find it really stressful to start a business, because all the employees’, customers’, suppliers’, bankers’ problems are the business owners’ problems as well. do exactly what the domain name says – send out physical cards. It solve your trouble to go shopping for a card, fill up the cards with touching words, and send out the cards on your behalf. That’s wonderful. You save time and energy and the card got sent out at the right time. And when you want to send the card again next year to the same customers, the details are there stored in your membership account. Problem of forgetting the wishes solved!
This is exactly why we pay for something. It has a price to solve a problem. We are willingly paying a lot of money to solve our problems, as long as it is affordable, convenient and solved. We would pay for solutions –

  • We pay banks interest to finance our home purchase so that we have a place to stay
  • We pay the mechanics to make our car running again
  • We pay the doctors to prescribe our illnesses so that we can recover and back on our feet again

This is so obvious. But yet many people ignore the fact.
You want to have a pay raise but you don’t want more problems to solve in your current job.
Your company can’t grow because when you face a problem, you get back to your comfort zone.
Remember this, opportunity is everywhere. Identify a problem, and offer your solution to it. Then others will be happy to pay you over and over again. So that you will be happy too.

Tell me, what problem can you solve now?


Personal finance author and trainer

    14 replies to "Solving problems – the key to wealth"

    • Home Owner

      Good article KC!

      It is important to Identify real problem and realistic way to solve it. Don’t forget to factor in time – most problems cannot be solved overnight.

    • Firdaus

      Great article by KC Lau.. worth time to read it..

    • Kenny Ng

      A very good article for us to put our thoughts togther and change our mindset.
      It is only natural human behaviour to wish for more income/ salary with lesser work load. However,
      we must build a positive attitude towards embracing problem solving and work diligenty to build our knowledge and wealth to achieve financial success/ freedom as there is no short cut to success in life.

      The will always be a price to pay for in life. Nothing comes free. If one wish to earn more and/ be financially free in life, he/ she must be willing to accept more work load, responsibility including problem solving and take calculated risk.

      • KCLau

        @Kenny, great thoughts from you! Nothing comes free.

    • siti

      please stress out my money

    • William

      After reading your article, i just felt like shouting out aloud, “GIVE ME MORE PROBLEMS TO SOLVE, PLEASE!!!”

      Thanks, KC. Great articles, as always *smile*

    • Patricia

      Hey KC….I liked problems solving….it’s rather challenging. You had pumped thoughts into us that we are paid for the job we did 🙂

    • Alex Karsim

      Good posting by K C Lau. I have picked up some tips from him again.

    • raymond

      Business seem like you like i like…eveybody needs…money come.But in reality,strategic planning and marketing really should look into consideration.

    • ms boey

      Right. We tend to take the path of least resistance. Thats why we get stuck in the comfort zone. We need to be problem solvers.

    • colin

      by being innovative and creative in our problem solving we would be more marketable

    • Richard Low

      Using your experience & knowledge to solve others problem and difficulty and make their life easy that will be excellent. Usually people willing to pay to get their problems solve. No doubt, Solving Problem is the Key to Wealth. Cheer.

    • Alvin Lim

      Very good post! i think it’s normal for people to dream of receiving something without the need of giving. More pay, less work. Higher position, lesser workload. Bigger car, for a cheaper price. The list goes on and on.

      People just want to earn in the easiest way possible with minimal problem (or no problem to solve at all).

      Unfortunately, such world don’t really exist 😛

      • Anthony Wee

        Yes, such world does exist. It just happen that we are not there yet.

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