Are you spending most of the time on your day job? Most people are stuck with 9-5. In Malaysia, it is very common for a hardworking employee to work like 7-11 (start on 7am, finish on 11pm). During this economy downturn, people work even harder just to avoid being the first to be retrenched.

We all have limited time – 24 hours a day. Break it down:

Sleep: 8 hours
Work: 8 hours + 2 hours (commute, meal etc)

You are only left with 6 hours a day.

What about the weekend? If you want a quality life, you will probably spend the weekend with family and friends.

If you are really stuck with a day job right now, the only difference you can make depends on how you utilize the remaining six hours a day.

As you know, active income requires your full time participation to make money. You are being paid for the effort you put in during the time you commit to your employers. At the moment you stop working, your active income will stop too.

So many ways to build passive income streams, what do you do?

So, have you started building your passive income stream? There are so many ways to make one. All you need is the effort and commitment.

Can you write a book?
Can you start a business?
Would you make money online?
Do you invest your money wisely?
Do you shop for a property that gives good rental yield?

How many hours you spend everyday to build passive income?

Successful entrepreneurs spend more than 8 hours a day building passive income streams. And they do it for fun most of the time.

If you find yourself too busy and even overwhelmed with your active day job, you will be trapped in the rat race for quite a long time.

Tell us how many hours you spend everyday to build passive income source. What you do to achieve it? Let’s discuss it here at the comment section.


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    • mommy@30's

      Just to share my bitter experience.
      Being government employee and ‘cheated’ in MLM industry for nearly 25K, now i am wiser. What a blessing in disguise! After feeling down, nearly broke and nearly effect our family relationship, I woke up and opened my eyes to the alternatives of making money. Dave Ramsey, Thomas J. Stanley, Azizi Ali are some of the exciting names for me. Looking forward to know what’s inside your blog.
      Praise to Him, I am now in process of settling debt and saving in mutual fund.
      When those MLM people urged the ‘followers’ to get a ‘good’ car for status, these financial gurus are another way round. Live below your means and even millionaires wearing no big hats!

    • JSLow


      So many things to learn on personal finance. I plan to study Benjamin Graham on stock investment. I also plan to study TrumpU’s coach on real estate investment. So many plans I have until I lost my focus. Is that a way out?


    • CKK

      I disagree with Mike. I can assure you most working class in Malaysian can and should achieve financial freedom by age 40 and below! Only problem is many Malaysians are not financially savvy and disciplined to get their acts together. I’m a working class and achieved financial freedom in less than 8 years after graduation. My aim now is to educate people around me to achieve financial freedom much faster than what I did (I wasted some time sucking thumbs when I was young). Maybe when I retire (I’m still working now because I like my job), I can start sharing with others how to retire young 🙂

      • Sook Yen

        I wonder how do you do that? I’m a fresh grad too…. I wanna to be financially free as soon as possible like you…. ^.^

    • sanme98

      Still don’t have any idea to build what kind of passive income yet.

    • fathersez

      I regret the days of my past when I did nothing to build any passive income. I am trying to catch up on lost time now.

      My wife and I are selling an educational product that we use and found to be very effective. We intend to build this into a strong passive income stream.

      • KCLau


        You have so much experience and knowledge. I believe you can pull anything off a lot faster than most of us.

    • mtsen

      I started my biz within the 8 hours work time paid by my employer. when i switch to my own biz full time, the x employer actually become my client.

      • KCLau


        You are in the financial industry as well right?

    • Mike

      KC – First, I would like to tell you I think your website is great and you are providing a great service by educating others on financial matters. The point you make in your blog is so true. You have to be willing to spend time to create and then build your business. It is not always easy. I live in the United States and just like the point you made about the hours many hard working Malaysians are working we are putting more hours in as well for no further compensation. In most cases to be truly financially secure you must be self employed. You will only go so far when working for an employer.
      Even if you are not able to generate enough passive income to live on from royalties if you are a writer or from real estate investing everyone has a skill with which they can generate income. Maybe they are better than most people at fixing bikes, repairing computers, cooking, or designing furniture. Whatever their special skill is it can be turned into a business. Once an individual has done that they have more control of their future and a better chance at earning much more.

      • KCLau


        Thanks for your insight. It is so true that a person must have dreams and passion that they can pursue.

    • KCLau


      I think you are heading to the right path. Marketing is the most essential skill an entrepreneur needs.

    • é›·é–€

      I joined Public Mutual, all my clients are my family members.

      I started a small-cap business with my mum & sis, selling skin care products which from taiwan.

      Honestly, I spent less than 6 hrs a day.

    • ckkuan

      I started my passive income by writing my own blog = ””.

      I think it quite difficult to earn money through blogging.

      My adsense now have USD 11.80.
      adverlets = RM 2.14
      nuffnagg = RM 2.00

      Any suggestion for me for my blog to earn more?

      • KCLau


        The first thing you can do is to host your own blog, not on
        Buy a domain name, and transfer your blog to a self-hosted WordPress.
        I started out on too. But I switched it after 3 months to my own host.

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