This is an interview with Sayeed, one of the Top 10 Charter Members of Money Automation System course.

KCLau: Why did you sign up as a Charter Member of MA$ course?

Ever since my marriage of 14 years, the No.1 concern for both my wife and I was the financial security. We have worked and planned many various methods to increase our income and control our spending. We read as many books as possible that we get hold off to educate ourselves on financial matters.

Finally when I saw the MA$ course online, here are few things that came to my mind, I was able to take a course at my convenience, being busy at my work and daily schedule, I was able to commit to something that I can spend maybe 15-20 minutes a day to learn about financial literacy at my own leisure time.[well I knew I can find 15-20mins daily of my 24hours].

Secondly, I was confident with the current technology methods, online course can be very communicative in both ways helping the learning process. I was right as the videos and training materials were well prepared.

I also wanted to learn more tricks and skills beyond the lessons that have been taught in KCLau’s “Top Money Tips”,  I wanted to know more on each Tip and how it can be enrolled into real life and I couldn’t know any better way than a direct class room method training, which was something available in MA$ via videos.

Finally, all this and a huge content of many chapters in a low fee to register, was a value for money deal that I could never have missed it.

KCLau: What are the three most important benefits you got from MA$ course?

For me it is more than 3, definitely I didn’t know how much can I learn when I signed up. The three most important things that I’ve learnt here were:

a. How can I with my current household income and standard expenses, make the best out of situation and walk happily ever after gaining an incredible financial advice and direct method which really works in real life.

b. It is not what we know that is important, but what we do with what we know that counts. MA$ provides the exact definition to that quote. Each training sessions and the assignments moves you to plan the topic not only by reading and understanding it, but also acting upon it.

c. I learnt the top secrets of Top Money Tips, it was the “read between the lines” kind of stuff that even if I read the book many times repeatedly I would have missed to point totally, but at MA$ it was outlined perfectly.[No doubt reading the book is critical to understand the whole concept] I lost count on the total tips that were outline in the course here, each tips were like a smack of the face telling you to wake up!!

Seriously, I can go on benefits from this course, but these would be the top ones.

KCLau: I am very committed to improve the content of MA$ course. Do you have any suggestion or advice?

What can I say, it was outline very professionally and this is the best online course that I have ever come across. [ I have only taken 4 online courses, this is the 1st Malaysian online course]. The training materials, videos, workbook materials for readers, and the most important one the open forum and comments column where we were able to share and learn among other MA$ members, it was a “COMPLETE” package.

I am not sure if a conventional classroom or auditorium method would have impacted, but this was seriously personal one on one coaching. It was like KC sitting right in front of me and teaching me personally. Supported and cheered by other readers. If there is one thing that say to be improved, nothing about the educative stuff on the course, but the point system to be awarded only for constructive feedbacks and methods instead of every comments made – but I know that is tough to monitor and very subjective.

I am feeling very humbled, delighted and proud to have attended this course. Thank you KC for bringing up and putting up an excellent course for all of us.
May god bless you.

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    7 replies to "This is the BEST online course that I have ever come across"

    • Mazlan Bin Jamaluddin

      Would like to know more about MA$.

    • Seng Ai Lin

      I am already a member for PWM.
      May I know what’s the different between this & KCLau’s Premium Webinar Membership (PWM)?

      • KCLau

        MA$ course is a one-time fee course. PWM is the access to the public webinars archive.

    • Seng Ai Lin

      May I know can it be as a tax relief item for Personal Income Tax?

      • KCLau

        I am afraid not. Of course I wish the government would allow that, someday.



      by having ipad with wifi. can i be enable to access to all the materials once i subscribed to MAS?


      • KCLau

        Yes.. the membership site is mobile-friendly.

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