I would like to thank MA$ Charter Members for helping me to complete the content of Money Automation System course.

As a token of appreciation, I would like to give the top 10 Charter Members a personal finance book each. These members had contributed a lot to the MA$ community:

  • They actively participate in the comment section and forums, providing valuable feedback.
  • They help other members by providing constructive suggestions, advice and encouragement.

With the MA$ point system, they had acquired over 1000 points , posting at least 100 times in the MA$ course membership site. These top 10 members are:

  1. Michael Tsen
  2. Sayeed
  3. Jensen S
  4. Lim
  5. Albert Choong
  6. Lee Tai Fong
  7. Chew Keng Sheng
  8. Helmy
  9. Mr. Anutta
  10. Alice Wong

Each of you will get to choose one book from the list below. The No.1 member will get to choose first, followed by the second, third …. and so forth. So Michael get to choose first, followed by Sayeed, Jensen, Lim …

You can post your book choice in the comment section below, and email your mailing address to me, so that I can ship the books as soon as possible.

Thanks again!


Personal finance author and trainer

    19 replies to "Top 10 MA$ Charter Members Books Giveaway"

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    • Fong Lee Tai

      Thank you very much. I have received the book titled “Billion Dollar Lessons” today.

    • Chew Keng Sheng

      Dear KC,
      I would prefer FREE by Chris Anderson but since I am no 7, if there is anyone from 1 to 6 who wants the book, that is fine with me too. Thanks.

      • KCLau

        Hi Chew, you will get the book

      • KCLau


        The book is coming.

    • Albert Choong

      Thanks KC. I would like to choose “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. If this book is chosen , then I’ll take “Billion Dollar Lessons”… 😉

      • KCLau

        You will get the book 🙂

        • Albert Choong

          I’ve read the book. It is great and awesome. I may have attracted this book to myself….Thanks KC again for the opportunity.

    • JENSEN

      TQVM K.LAU.

      I WOULD LIKE TO PICK Weekend Millionaire Mindset by Mike Summey & Roger Dawson.

      • KCLau


        you will get this book 🙂

    • jensen

      I mean my turn…

    • jensen

      How do I know mu turn? LOL!

    • Fong Lee Tai

      KC, thanks very much. My book choice is Your Money Matters by Jonathan Pond.

      • KCLau

        Hi Fong Lee Tai, Sayeed already chose this one. (Your Money Matters)

        • Fong Lee Tai

          KC, my other choices are in the following order. I am listing down more than one as there are two other members who are ahead of me in points.
          1. Billion Dollar Lessons
          2. Weekend Millionaire Real Estate FAQ
          3. Secret of the Millionaire Mind


          • Fong Lee Tai

            KC, sorry I mean there are two other members ahead of me in points that I have not seen their written comments on which book they choose.

            • KCLau

              You will get Billion Dollar Lessons 🙂

            • KCLau

              Hi Fong Lee Tai,

              You will get the book Billion Dollar Lessons.
              Please email your address to me


    • Lim

      Hi KC, thanks for the kind offer, I would like to have “Return of the Economic Naturalist”
      Again, thank you so much for the Christmas present 😀

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