Some common questions regarding conducting a land search

1. What’s the difference between strata and master title search?

Master title = Title of the lot of land (landed property or the land in which a condo is built on)
Strata title = Title of a specific unit (example: condo). You will see three info: No. Bangunan, No. Petak and No. Tingkatan.

2. Can I get the phone number of the owner?

No. This is a common question by real estate negotiators. You won’t find property owners’ contact by conducting a land search.

3. If I only have an address can I do a land search?

No, you can’t. You must have Hakmilik number (title no), Hakmilik type (title type) and lot number. There are the basic three things to conduct a land search.

4. What do you find in a land search?

The land search result contains details of the land, owner’s name, IC and address.

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Land Search: What, Why and How?


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    6 replies to "4 Most Common Land Search Questions Answered"

    • Terence

      I have KL addresses but no lot number. If any law firm can conduct property search, i will pay a good fee. Pse email me thru my aol account – put in aol instead of xxx.

    • Vincent

      It is possible to do land search at land office by provide Identity Card number?

    • Zhi Ming

      It’s possible to conduct a land title search with just the address, there is a way to do it.

      • KCLau

        Can you assist to enlighten us?

        • Zhi Ming

          With the address of the property, one can go to the relevant local council to extract the assessment bill. Usually the title particulars of the property will be stated there and then can proceed to conduct the title search based on the title particulars. However, some assessment bills may not have the title particulars.

          • KCLau

            Smart! Thanks for sharing.. other readers will thank you for this.

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