I have invited June Low, Founder of EasyLaw, a Smart Legal App which is designed to serve local property buyers on legal matters to discuss on anything and everything you need to know about land search. Here are the highlights of our discussions: 

– What is a Land Search? 
– Is it a Must for Property Buyers to do a Land Search? 
– Types of Land Search
– How to do a Land Search? 
– Can Land Search be done online?


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    6 replies to "Land Search: What, Why and How?"

    • Peter Chen

      There have been reports of fraudulent transfer of land ownership done without real owner knowledge. (there was a famous report of actual case where the real owner lost ownership). Is it possible/advisable to add our own caveat on the title (owner self-caveat owner) so no one can do a fraudulent transfer without our knowledge/permission?

      How much a private caveat will cost?

      • Charles Leong

        Get a small loan with bank by charging that piece of land. Normally land office people don’t dare to touch already once the bank is having a charge on it

    • rachel wong

      Is the land search result include info on caveats?

      • KCLau


    • zyongyeow

      Hi, my member still not expire yet but why i can’t watch the full video?

      • KCLau

        We had rectified your account. Please try again.

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