What do I look for in a unit trust fund:

1. No up-front charges or service fees.
2. Remuneration to agent based on a certain percentage of the fund’s return which is realized through switching or repurchase.
3. No need to pay remuneration to agent/unit trust company if my investment is making a loss.
4. Provide easy online switching and repurchasing service so I don’t have to trouble the agent to meet me just for my signature!

As I know, there is no such unit trust fund in Malaysia. But I wish that it will be available soon in the future.


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    • Jas

      Agree with KCLAU,
      that if overseas mutual fund offer lower service charge/fees, why not to invest? it will be definitely worth it to invest.
      From some feedback i received, lots of overseas investor invest in Malaysia’s Mutual Fund due to the fees here are much more LOWER than they could find in their own country even though ours are around 5%!
      But as long as they realize how high the potential of our funds can go, they know it is worth it for them to invest in Malaysia.

      These 2 links might be able to provide you important info too:
      http://unittrustinvestment-jw.blogspot.com & https://www.facebook.com/investment.unittrust

      You may contact me personally should you want to know more on Unit Trust investment. We can discuss & share ideas.


    • Chiam

      Recently, I do my research into china unit trust industry. I m impress with their development. I can even track down to who is d fund manager n how is their performance now n before. This help me to make a right decision to invest. Is there such sharing in Malaysia? I try to research Malaysia unit trust performance. Sad to say that info cannot compare. Try this website http://www.fund.eastmoney.com

      When look at d fund performance in china n Malaysia unit trust which invest in china. The performance of those Malaysia unit trust are far below.

    • ahmad fakhurazi

      can you answer my assignment question?

    • Sid

      MAAKL MUTUAL also has online switching, buying and selling feature as well as online monitoring feature. They recently also introduced MHO MOBILE app for all mobile apple users and android users. Which means you can monitor your portfolio anywhere anytime.

      They are also known as the King of Flexi funds because many of their funds will automatically switch to a fixed income fund in a bearish market.

      Check them out at http://www.maaklmutual.com.my

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    • Sherry

      public mutual berhad is providing a online portal called Public Mutual Online for client to purchase, sell or switch fund online. I’m the user of it. it’s very convenient.

      • KCLau

        It is pretty handy indeed.

    • azreem

      i’m still new with unit trust and currently still looking for a suitable unit trust to start investing. Anyway i found that that cimb is now enable user to manage their unit trust via cimbclicks. Maybe someone can check it out.. 🙂

    • chin

      I agree with you fully. I also hope that one day I can buy,sell and switch without troubling any agent because my investment is small.

    • Relax

      I think for now oversea funds are not performing as bullish as Malaysian funds.

      Investing in oversea fund can be risky considering the fluctuation of currency exchange. Such fluctuation itself is enough to kill the basic objective of investing in mutual fund, so I think it is not worth it, unless the performance of that oversea fund is very very good.

    • kclau

      If you are in oversea, there are more choices for you. I didn’t research oversea funds. If you can find mutual funds with lower service charges, it is worth to invest.

    • Relax

      Would you recommend us to invest in oversea unit trust fund that fulfills all criteria above (such as Vanguard) ??

    • […] What do I look for in a unit trust fund? […]

    • […] What do I look for in a unit trust fund? […]

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