I did some research on the internet about unit trust companies in Malaysia. Here is the summary of everything you might be interested.
For the history of units trust, visit FMUTM website.

History of Unit Trusts

Malaysia introduced the unit trust concept relatively early compared to its Asian neighbours, when, in 1959, a unit trust was first established by a company called Malayan Unit Trust Ltd.

Learn more about unit trust

You can read my unit trust related articles. I highly recommend that you read these articles before doing any investment in unit trust:

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Ringgit or Dollar Cost Averaging

What do I look for in a unit trust fund?

Are Unit Trusts Lousy Investment?

Invest unit trust online

Malaysians can now invest unit trust online conveniently via Fundsupermart.

Fundsupermart provides regular investment update in the form of weekly email newsletter and quarterly magazine only to their investors.

Prices Update

1. To check on the current unit trust fund prices daily, the best resource is The Star online. Click here and you will get the most recent prices.

2. You can also visit Signal Invest for the latest fund prices.

Latest Performance Update and Investor’s Tools

1. For the latest unit trust performance, update, return of 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and also the ranking, you can refer Personal Money magazine Fund Performance Ranking Tables published monthly. They only provide the table in their physical paper magazine. Subscribe for your convenience.

2. Search the awards and rating of the local unit trust fund at www.lipperleaders.com.

3. To compare funds from different fund house, such as the service charges, management fees, trustee fees, investment strategies, fund manager etc., click here. You can compare up to 3 funds from different fund houses.

4. You can also use a fund screener to look at all the available funds in certain categories, such as equity, balanced, bond etc.

5. To search for a certain fund, use this Fund library. The funds are divided into categories and also unit trust companies.

6. I recommend that you use an online unit trust fund monitoring system. The only one available now is provided by Signal Invest. They are offering Early Bird Promo: RM99 per year. Just sign up to have the free 14 days trial. Refer my review about SignalInvest Personal online service: How to monitor unit trust portfolio using Signal Invest

7. For advanced unit trust agents who need to monitor clients’ investment, you can sign up a special online service at Signal Invest which provides 14 days free trial with capabilities of monitoring up to 50 clients’ data.


Prospectus Download

To check the fund performances and daily prices, you should go to the individual unit trust company websites. Most of the companies provide fund prospectus download on their website.

Below are all the links:

Affin Trust Management Berhad

Alliance Investment Management


Apex Investment Service Berhad

ASM Investment Service Berhad

Avenue OneInvest

CIMB Wealth Advisors

CMS Trust Management Berhad

HLG Unit Trust Berhad

Hwang-DBS Investment Management Bhd.

ING Funds Berhad

Kenanga Unit Trust

KL City Unit Trust

MAAKL Mutual Berhad

OSK-UOB Unit Trust Management Bhd

Pacific Mutual Berhad

Pheim Unit Trust

Philip Mutual Berhad

Public Mutual Berhad

RHB Unit Trust Management Berhad

TA Investment Management Berhad

Start Investing



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    64 replies to "Everything about Unit Trust in Malaysia"

    • Hasanul Shuib

      Hi, My name Hasanul. An PM Unit Trust Consultant. I believe some people get bad experience about unit trust and most of the blame goes to agent alone. In my sides, i believe, not the agent only at fault but also the investor@yourself. Mostly, investor didn’t care what kind of fund they invested.. BAD MOVE.. Besides, the investor tend to believe rumor rather than to get correct info about current market. Believe me, each fund have different degree of risk and investor MUST know and understand this HARD. As for me, i more focus to fund outside which give BETTER return. Any investment need strategies, if not your money just burn. The same goes to any investment, property, business, bond, etc. I can see most of bad comment come from people that invested to unlucky fund. There is a better way to do when this happened but they took the WRONG ACTION. There are alot of GOOD to GREAT FUND that i believe they didn’t know or do they really want to know? Hopefully, after this, please equiped yourself with good knowledge in investment and buddy with good agent. You can really build WEALTH with unit trust with correct strategy. I not only an agent, but i also investor. Invest with BRAIN and STRATEGY. If my words hurt anyone, i very sorry. This post already old but i wish people read and understand what i want to say. If you need help on investment in unit trust especially, i willing to help. I can be reach at 011-6115 1756. Take care.

    • via L

      Hi KC,
      Which unit trust companies run loyalty and priority program for its customer who archive certain amount?
      So far I know,

      Gold – RM150,000
      Gold Elite – RM500,000

      Gold – RM100,000
      Platinum – RM1,000,000

      How about others?

      • KCLau

        The best way is to check with the UT company directly.

    • Mohd Nuruddin

      Salam and Greetings of Peace,

      Thanks for the fruitful information in regards to the unit trust. I argue that unit trust is mainly for a long term investment and PMB Investment is one the best unit trust under the Islamic Fund. For short term, we have Tabung Haji in which the capital is preserved.

      For monitoring process, The Edge which is published every Saturday is one the the best tool to check and monitor the progress of unit trust under the Lipper Fund Table.

      Please contact 010 916 5291 for further information on how you can maximize your savings and diversify your investment with unit trust, insya-allah.

      Get the knowledge first, and you will enjoy investing with unit trust!

    • Hany Hassan

      After I read the above comments , I am very scary regarding the unit trust investment. If I do not have the experience and time to daily followup my fund , How I can get the trusted consultant that can advise my honestly???

      • Lily Ramlee

        Contact me at 016-9460835 if you want to know how to make money in unit trust. You are sceptical because you don’t have enough knowlege about it. There could be many factors why some people lost when investing in unit trust . The best way is to look at that particular investment statement and analyse what went wrong. EPF will not have this EPF-MIS scheme to allow its members to transfer a portion of the money to unit trust if it is not benefitting its members.

    • Rohit

      Hi KC

      Can u suggest which entity offers the cheapest sales charges? Fundsupermart is offering 1.75% but is therr any other firm which offees cheaper than this on regular invetments?


    • rajamanikam a/l raju

      hii kclau,in year 2004 i have invested rm 7,965 to kl city unit trust,they have taken the amount thrue my epf contrubution.from that date on word i dont get any up date regarding my investment,when i withdrawn my epf money i was told that kl city unit trust has 7,965 of my contrubution,i am retired at age 58 yrs old.till to day i can’t contack kl city unit trust,can you pls let me know the status of the mention unit trust company.i need your goodself help sir,are there any other company has bought over kl trust unit,you can call me at hp 010-7001818 or 019 6637040 will be very much apprecited mr kc lau

      • KCLau

        I am not sure if they are now KL-City-Asmic Unit Trust Management Bhd?
        Here is the contact I found from Googling. Try contact them with your details:

        address C-17-1, Level 17, Block C, Megan Phileo Avenue, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan 50450, , Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
        Phone number 0321669799
        Fax 0321668799

        • Hello

          KL City Unit Trust did exist, under KL City Securities. Then when Alliance Investment Bank acquire KLCS, it was absorbed into Alliance Unit Trust Management Berhad (AUTMB). Subsequently, AUTMB became AIMB (Alliance Investment Management Bhd).

          Then, AIMB was sold to KAF http://www.kaf.com.my/

          You should able to find your record at KLCUT at KAF because normally they will migrate all the data to new owner.

          When the 1 company was sold to another, they are required to notify the investor via postal mail. Unless your mailing address was updated in their system, probably, they were not able to reach its investor during all these exercise.

          Basically FH will send statement on yearly basis. If you do not receive, better check with them.

          • KCLau

            thanks for informing us all the changes that took place.


          hai good morning Hasanul Shuib. I want to know some things regarding unit trust. can you help me to answer? my first question is:-What are the factors that affected unit trust performance? and the 2nd is How unit trust been affected by the time value of money? thanks in advance

    • Siti

      Hi.. i have to do assignmnt about unit trust..so i want to ask about the risk, yield and liquidity of unit trust? ?

    • Zul MA

      Hi….having same bad experience with Public mutual EPF investment. Lost about RM11K or -2.6% over 2.5yrs. Its absolutely correct that the bank and fund mgr (and agent) have no liability for any loss or bad performance. All are legit with our thumbprint everywhere. Its totally our fault to think that ‘other people’ will take care our money.

      Just my two cent sharing…
      1. If we treat this costly investment (with all the charges) the way we treat our EFP account ie; just sleep and my agent shall take care of it….then forget it!! Especially if once in a while you meet up your agent and willingly put up your thumbprint in a number of formsss!!!! You know what….chances are, ‘they’ will withdraw your EPF money every 3mths without fail even if the market is hitting the rock.
      2. You wont be able to know your investment performance (P/L) from the fund statement you receive regularly….it just show you the current value of your investment. If you ask you agent, you’ll normally get the same thing…ie; the current value or current P/L regardless you’ve invested for many yrs.
      3. One thing that normally forgotten is to compare the fund performance vs. IF the money stay at the EPF acc and get compounded annual dividend. Must know the annualized return %…else you can’t compare with annual EPF compounded dividend.
      4. For my example, RM11K loss is equivalent to RM50K loss IF the money remains at EPF acc (6.75%-2014, 6.40%-2015 & assume 6.00%-2016).
      5. Simply, if the fund cannot give consistent return of 8% per annum NET (less all the charges) without fail….just forget it. The risk does not worth it.
      6. Simple example…for 1st yr the fund must perform min 10% just to break even. With 3% upfront charge (some up to 5%) and you capital become less 3%, it must work harder to get 10% to break even. I know there’re some fund that goes up to 30%-50% for some good yrs. If happen you’re one of them….congrate!!
      7. Anyway Unit Trust can be one of the asset class in our portfolio BUT nobody else care about our money except ourselves. We can’t ‘outsource’ fully to someone else….the fund mgr and agent should be our leverage only.

      Disclaimer: based on my own 10yrs investment experience with few companies. And I’m more than happy for those who have a very good return & not agree with my view or prove me wrong.

      • Jeff

        Totally agreed. I invested small sum rm10k since 2012. And increase to 40k in 2013. The market soften shortly and PM has not perform after that.

        My investment has been yo-yo.. sometimes losing capital (less than rm40k) and sometimes gain a little (rm40.7k). Based on rm40k if I had saved in EPF at 5-6%, I would have made between rm2k to RM2.4k returns per year for 2 years. The problem with UT is that everytime they declared dividend IE units, the unit price drops.. net change could be a negative return.

        I made the decision this morning to sell all my units in 3 funds, PSF, PRSF, PBF and I am told the sale price based on tomorrow and not today! Wtf, PM. I close today based on yesterday account listed price. Why based to tomorrow? Shares and currency based on last closing price not future price! Do you buy or sell Kangkung based on tomorrow’s price or last known price?

        Enough is enough.. I will keep my money in EPF at least I know I get at least 2.5% return.

    • moonisa

      what is the purpose of init trust in Malaysia?

    • Zai

      Just want to ask how long we should keep the investments in Unit Trust before retireing? Thanks.

      • KCLau

        HI Zai,

        That’s a very hard question to answer. The liquidation of the funds is entirely up to your own preference.
        If you know how to invest better than the fund, you should put it elsewhere.
        If you need the money for something else, then you might sell.

        If it is for retirement, then you can liquidate just to portion you need to fund your retirement needs.

    • Samuel

      An Investor Review on the Unit Trust Investment

      If you are thinking of investing your hard earn money in the unit trust fund, please read my review carefully and make wise judgment:

      1) The bank and fund manager shall have no liability for any loss resulting from the performance of the investment. This means that the investors are not only greatly exposed to the market risk, but also the risk of poor fund management. Just ask yourself a simple question, will you do a good job if you do not have to take any responsibility for your job performance?

      2) The bank and fund manager shall have no obligation to achieve the fund objectives as stated in the prospectus. A typical fund objective is to achieve capital growth in the specific period. If the fund fails to achieve capital growth after the specific period, this is not tantamount to a breach of contract or false and misleading fund objective. You ought to scold the unforeseen market sentiment for capital loss and blame yourself for trusting the information in the prospectus.

      3) The bank will be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any information or recommendation rendered by any of its employees. Past performance is not a guarantee for future performance. In that case, you should not buy a fund based on the sales talk or past history but seek genuine advice from other unit trust investors. They are not expert but they tell the true experiences without an aim for commission.

      4) I bought a number of different funds from UxB since 10 years ago. You will be shocked on how “little” my investment grew throughout the period. For the funds that performed, the percentage of growth was far less than the fixed deposit interest rate while for the bad fund, I should appreciate that it only wiped out half of my capital instead of all. The report in the newspapers below showed concrete fact for your kind reference.

      A Malay daily newspaper dated 6th August 2006 reported that 80% of the EPF members who withdrew from their EPF savings to invest in unit trusts had suffered losses totaling RM600 million. There was also a report in http://www.thestar.com.my way back in Aug 8, 2006 that reads: “The Government, alarmed over the more than half billion ringgit losses reported from investments in unit trusts involving Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributors, has directed the EPF to impose stricter conditions on such investments.”

      5) EPF and PNB also help to manage the people and investor’s money through various investments. We do not pay them a single cent and yet their performances are decent, consistent and guarantee. Syabas! On the other hand, we pay an expensive fund management fee in the unit trust investment but the performance is far below expectation and worse than the formers. Now, you should be able to see clearly who really cares for our investment and who just takes our money for granted and own benefit.

      As a conclusion, the absent of law to protect unit trust investor makes us easily exploited and victimized. We are investing at our very own high risk. Do make your smart investment decision or you will be regret for life.

      • KCLau

        @Samuel, you made a very great point here. It is so dangerous to invest without understanding the cost, fees and the possible outcome.

    • Jas

      Hi All !

      It’s good to know more about investments and good discussion has been going on here.

      These 2 links might be able to provide you important info too:
      http://unittrustinvestment-jw.blogspot.com & https://www.facebook.com/investment.unittrust

      Do contact me personally should you interested to know more on Unit Trust investment. It would be my pleasure to assist you.


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    • kelly

      hi,investing in low market,i know we can use dollar cost averaging but at the peak market can i still use tis method . if i buy rm 1000 for public growth fund today .which is the best way ?

      • Will

        dollar cost averaging is applicable in low market and peak market. The reason is no one can predict the market trends accurately. You can start with RM1000 and then continue to invest at least RM100 for 3 to 5 years. But it all depends on your financial objective and constraints.

        • AskChong

          @kelly, start today is better than never start.

          if you think market is peak/hot, invest less (get less units too).(i.e. if you have a budget RM500 per month, may be just put in RM200 and keep RM300 for future)

          if you think market is low/value-buy, invest more (and get more units)

    • Netmask8

      Greetings & G’Day,

      Nowadays, too many UT or insurance agents searching / looking for new business and clients. Glad that they able earn some income for own/family in today survival life.

      However, does these UT agents financial are really qualified and knowledgeable to advice client to make good judgement & decision especially when come to investment? Same similiarity that I seen many Financial Advisors ( insurance , Unit Trusts ..etc). With a min SPM, they took some insurance exams(A /General insurance,C / Life Insurance + Investment-Linked) and attend few hours credit of training, and then, they are able to meet prospect clients with word ” Guarantee 4-5% yield dividen ..etc) promise with nice laptop/notebook with good MS PowerPoint Slides.

      Essential Knowledge require before for putting your money into a Investment :-
      Macroeconomies,Microeconomies, Interest Rate Movement, Inflation/Deflation, Consumer Price Index, Manufacturing Sentiment Output, Global / Local Stock Market, Commodities Movement(Gold/Crude Oil/Silver ..etc), Bond Rates, Bond/Treasury/Country Credit Rating by Moody/Standard&Poors, Fitch ..etc, GDP, GNP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal) , ..etc

      No offense.. Just a guildelines.. Thank you.

      • Will

        Hi Netmask8,

        I totally agree with you! Investors must be careful in selecting their agents and equip themselves with necessary financial knowledge. Agents should refrain from making any misrepresentation on financial products and the capability of the firm that would tarnish the financial industry. That is why my website is created to provide the necessary information to general investors and public.

    • Will

      Indeed, investing in unit trust needs the understanding about the mechanism and strategies when the market is going down or going up. General investors need to know that unit trust investment is a medium to long term investment ie 3-5 years, so investors need to be patient, but this doesn’t means investor need to keep holding a fund that is not performing. Switching is necessary. and it is important to buy when the market is down considering the suitability and the performance of the fund. If you need any information, feel free to visit my website.

    • yusoff

      Hi there…i agree some of investors facing losses in UT. just to tell here that from my 5 years of experiences with 2 different companies, most of my investors are happy with their investments. how this thing happened? our team hv designed a unique strategy, enhance from the normal strategy that most consultants practise. and also supported by special monitoring software that really help me to make my clients happy.
      to know more and face to face consultation for free, pls contact my PA at 012-9222 545 to schedule a meeting. Best regards, Yusoff (Group Agency Manager- Damansara)

    • Bernard Choo

      Today, I decided to redeem my all my 3 Unit Trust Funds of RM100.000.00 from Public Mutual and ING.

      What I will get back after 3 years 6 months is about RM87,000.00 “Unit Trusts for Investment – You must be joking.”

      • KCLau

        Hi Bernard, can you share with us what you think might have gone wrong during the 3.5 years of investing in unit trust?
        I am sure that it will be very beneficial to other investors.

        • Bernard Choo

          Hi KC, there’s nothing to share… anyone can see for themselve here:


          For ING funds… you need to login to see your funds performance – but, you can only see your own funds, and not other funds.

          For the benefit to other investors… Below are details of one of my Public Mutual Fund performance over 3.5 years.


          Date Capital Units Price Value Profit/Loss

          03.01.08 40,000.00 146,558.54 0.2587 37,914.69 (2,085.31)
          15.10.08 40,000,00 149,021.88 0.1667 24,873.45 (15,126,55)
          04.05.09 40,000.00 150,615.92 0.1810 27,261.48 (12,738.52)
          12.02.10 40,000.00 150,615.92 0.2181 32,849.34 (7,150.55)
          19.07.10 40,000,00 155,828.22 0.2121 33,051.16 (6,948.84)

          Redeemed yesterday (19.07.10)

          To me Unit Trusts is nothing but a scam… legalized by our goverment.

          And your info: Singapore bans use of ‘capital protected’

          Check it out here: http://www.asiaone.com/Business/News/My%2BMoney/Story/A1Story20090909-166674.html

          My Last Word here… “Unit Trusts is the reason God created the middle finger”

          Ciao… and have a nice day!

          • KCLau

            That’s really a bad experience of investing. Thanks for sharing it here.

          • Will

            Hi Bernard, sorry to hear your story. Maybe this is what you were to do to avoid it.

            You invest 40k in Islamic Asia Dividend fund and you lost about 7k or 17% in 3.5years.3.5years from now is year 200 7, it is market peak. 15.10.08 it is in subprime financial crisis

            03.01.08 40,000.00 146,558.54 0.2587 37,914.69 (2,085.31)
            15.10.08 40,000,00 149,021.88 0.1667 24,873.45 (15,126,55)
            04.05.09 40,000.00 150,615.92 0.1810 27,261.48 (12,738.52)
            12.02.10 40,000.00 150,615.92 0.2181 32,849.34 (7,150.55)
            19.07.10 40,000,00 155,828.22 0.2121 33,051.16 (6,948.84)

            You can avoid facing the huge loss if you practice ringgit cost averaging, that is invest a small amount of money into a fund every month, then you will also buy the fund when the fund is cheap eg in 2008 when it is in financial crisis and gain the profit when market recover.

            • FadzilahMamat

              I am Unit Trust Consultant from Public Mutual and I can’t help feeling sorry for Bernand Choo.

              I must admit that the performance of PIADF for the period of 2007-2010 is not very good mainly because of the global economic downturn.

              But there are also very good funds such as Public Small Cap, Public Islamic Opportunities Fund and Public Islamic Sector Select Fund.

              So we need to closely monitor our investment and do switching to minimize losses and maximize gain or get help from a committed Unit Trust Consultant to help us with our investment.

            • Jean Chai


              I too am sorry to hear about your experience in UT investment. What Will said was 100% right about dollar cost averaging. However, the sad fact remained – when market crashed in year 2008, how many investors willing or daring enough to top up their investment? I still remember those days where I have to spend hours and hours just to explain the notion of dollar cost averaging method. Those who are seeing losses back then would never buy into the idea of continue placing their money into UT investment.

              I am thankful I have customers who are willing to listen to my advise and today, they are remained as happy investors.

          • Hussin Yusof

            Hi Mr. Bernard Choo,

            I am sorry for your experience. I understand what you are feeling. Allow me to ask exactly what were you informed about Unit Trusts when you first invested? It is my experience, that investors who react negatively to such investment conditions are those that were not fully informed of the mechanics and risks of Unit Trust investment.

            There are three types of investors when facing market down situations.
            1) They Sell. Your data shows that within 9 months of you investing, the price of that fund has come down from 25.87 cents to 16.67 cents. If you HAD sold your units then, your loss would have been even GREATER at RM15,126.
            2) They Wait. Bernard, you belong in this category. Congratulations, you managed to cut your losses by almost 50%. But of course at an opportunity cost. However, if you waited the recommended 3-5 years then perhaps you wouldn’t have any losses to begin with. Again, that would come at an opportunity cost.
            3) They Buy. These are most savvy of investors. Of course you would need to have the resources to buy when market down. Which brings up the point that you shouldn’t invest in Unit Trusts if that is all your savings. Imagine if you invested RM20K when the price went down, you would have bought at 16.67 cents for a total of 113,377 units. Roughly add that up to you end units making it a sum of 269,205.54 @ 21.21 cents (19.7.10) = RM 57,098.00. So therefore, if only you had bought when the price went down. you would have made a profit of RM17K already.

            Will has a point with the Dollar Cost Averaging. But most people don’t understand that Dollar Cost Averaging only reduces the duration you have to wait to make a profit. Lets use Bernard’s portfolio as an example, if he didn’t sell, he would probably need to wait for an additional 3-5 years to make 30% returns (example only) but if he had regularly invested and lowered his overall costs. Then he would only need to wait a very short period to make the same amount of profits. Anyway, feel free to contact me at 016 6686 434 or email me.

            Yours Truly,
            Hussin Yusof

            • Hussin Yusof

              My bad, I forgot that you would have invested 60k and not 40k. So you would have made a loss but much less. But if you sell it now, at 22.36 cents, you would indeed make RM60,194.36 a profit of RM194. But hey, you’ve recouped your loss! My advice is go for the long term objective.

        • Ponmoothy Arik

          well actually i have made good money using public mutual, I made about RM 3000, from a investment of RM 23000,using public ittikal and public smallcap.My sister made even much better buying Public Far-East Property & Resorts Fund
          what i learned all the unit trust my agent recomended i just broke even,but all the unit trust i bought on my own decision i made money.Currently bought Public regular saving,public growth and public savings for RM 20000,after
          sales charge,my investment was about RM19,000,in one month time my investment has climbed from RM19,000 to RM 20000,the key is buy low and never be too greedy.Another theory is dump all your money when the NAV is low, in a fund that historically performed well,then sell when it rebounds,instead of doing the monthly deduction things.For example Public Far east Property and resort was 0.1111 or something about two or three years back,and now then it hit 0.34 something thats a three fold increase!

    • Chu T.S

      What has happened to the Perwira Habib Unit Trust that was launched almost 2 decades ago. PM Najib (then Minister of Defence) had one or two lots at the launching, some of my army friends followed suit..
      Is there any possibilty to get back the investment? What is the procedure?
      Thank you .

    • Bernard Choo

      A sure way of losing your money is to invest in unit trusts.
      If one can believe in such crap then they deserve to be scammed!

    • vadiveloo

      investing in unit trust is a good decision because your money
      grow for you.but u must wait some time to see your money grow for u.
      and in public mutual you can count on it

    • yann

      i like!!

    • khairiah

      hi.my name is khairiah and rite now i’m doing a research about comparisan of performance between islamic and conventinal unit trusts. where can i get all da data needed? do u know where i can retrived all daily@monthly prices of unit trust funds? my research is concerned about the performance from year 2004-2008. i hope u can help me. tq

      • KCLau

        I don’t have the info. Some unit trust consultant have the info you need. You can contact them.

      • yann

        Hi Khairiah, do contact me if you need detail information.

        my contact no: 019-266 2919

        • iena

          hye yann..may i contact you through emel. i need some information about performance of malaysian unit trust funds.thank you.

        • Thevi

          Hello Yann,

          Currently i am doing thesis on Evaluating performance of Equity unit trust funds using KLCI as benchmark form year 2000 – 2010. i need the monthly or yearly return of the selected unit trust funds..i could not find the details anywhere..and i am also confused why the annual return of the fund in master prospect is different from the morningstar website.

          i really hope u can help me..
          my email add : dev_j1@hotmail.com

    • Fairuz

      Hello there….
      Sorry 4 my absent 4 long time…working so hard dis days…hehehe
      Related to the November Loh question bout da most higher return, I think da 1st thing u must do is to know wat is your goal setting…wat is your goal target?wat is your personality?Cos each n every person is totally different except that we want to gain the most profitable and fastest in each investment…the best thing is that u study and hav da knowledge bout dis UT…..you can go to dis page http://www.ammutual.com.my/ under the risk profiler u can know wat kind of investor r u…or mayb u can for more information by asking the personal investor/loan bank officer to inquiry for more details plus its free…hehehe :)….we can manage to reduce the cos and losses but we cant predict the market situation….

    • November loh

      may i know which unit trust is most higher return. Give me some good investment of Public Mutual Fund schems

    • Fairuz

      HAve u heard bout Morningstar Asia? Its a web that shows all related things to unit trust and also snapshot reviews and prospective others about the unit trust.Here is the link for the website. http://my.morningstar.com/ap/quickrank/default.aspx?categoryid=EUCA000673. See and comment bout the webpage.

    • Fairuz

      Hi there,
      I do have invest in cimb unit trust and also hav this 14 days trial acc with signal invest.
      The question is can i use it if i dont purchase the unit trust via this web?

    • yap khen siong

      tq very much

    • Cslin

      nice topic and good content..

    • Er Chong Yee


      May I know what unit trust fund management company are you with and which companys funds are you recommending? Thank you.

      • MY

        may i know where is Asia Unit Trust Berhad in Penang situated and the company’s tel numbers? thank you

    • ayyaz

      give me some good investments schems

    • hafizah

      hi! do you have any info or know where i can get info on UT financing in Malaysia?

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    • razmi

      i think people can get a free monitoring unit trust tools at http://www.pelaburan.net if i’m not mistaken, I also use that tools with my consultant, he recommend me to use the tools for my own analysis..
      contact him for more info shahrul : 0132081015

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        Hi, may i know what is determinant of unit trust performance?
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