REIJB (Real Estate Investment in Johor Bahru) is a brand new blog.
I guess it is the first and only blog that talks about real estate investment in Malaysia.

Let me introduce you to the author. He is KL Ong. I knew him since 1996 when we studied the same course – Aeronautical Engineering. He is the most hard working, knowledgeable, and the smartest student in our batch. He graduated with first class honour, as the top student. Frankly, I wouldn’t have graduated without his help. I studied his summary notes in order to pass all the exams. So it is fair that I ended up being the second best 🙂

After he graduated from UTM, he pursued his Ph.D by conducting research at NUS or NTU in Singapore (I am not sure which university). Now, he is a full time real estate investor in Johor Bahru!

If you want to learn about real estate investment, he is definitely the best person you should turn to.

Read his articles about:

  1. How to know if a real estate investment is worth investing?(Tips on Real Estate Investment)
  2. Why you want to take up a loan for your real estate investment?
  3. How to finance your real estate investment for maximum return?

I am the first follower, and also a very loyal follower of his new blog. One thing I am afraid of is that he will stop blogging and giving knowledge about his properties research, if his blog is not getting good respond. So, do me a favour and also do yourself a favour, comment extensively on his blog and engage him as a regular blogger. There are so much to gain from this expert!


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    5 replies to "Real Estate Investment in Johor Bahru"

    • real-estate-

      haha, you are such a good friend, help him to promote his site. will check it out now. thx 4 ur promote!

    • Kevin

      Hi how am i going to contact KL Ong, i want to learn from him !
      please conatct me 012-7331603

      many thanks

    • Fauzi

      This is a good website.. Since I also interested in property investment. Owhh.. you guys were from UTM. Me too, 1995-1999… Mechanical Industry. Dejavu..

      • KCLau

        @ Fauzi

        We graduated in 2000. So you are our senior then 🙂

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