I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Unit trust investment is not something fancy.

Before this, investors would have to go through unit trust consultants or the banks to invest in unit trust. Now, you can do it directly in front of your Internet-connected computer.

In this post, I will show you the procedure to open an investment account with Fundsupermart – the first online unit trust investment provider in Malaysia. In fact, it is just as easy as following the steps outlined on their website.

Go to their get-started page by clicking here.

Now you are given the choice to open a

  • Personal Account
  • Beneficiary Account
  • Corporate Account

step 1 - fundsupermart

Since corporate account is for corporate investor, we will skip that.
Just choose between personal or beneficiary account. If you want your family to easily take over the money in your account when you passed away, choose the Beneficiary Account option. For me, I chose the Beneficiary Account too so that my wife can easily access the fund without going through the hassle to unfreeze my account when I pass away.
Because most of us have family, please choose to open the Beneficiary Account.

Step 1: Instructions

You will get to choose again which type of account you will like to open. Click the Beneficiary account.

step 2 fundsupermart

A Beneficiary Account is useful if you are planning separate portfolios for your children, parents, or other loved ones. The laws governing survivorship will apply here. In the event that any one person in the beneficiary account passes on, the assets of the account will belong to the surviving person.

Step 2: Required Documents

You will need to fax, mail or email these documents to Fundsupermart.

  1. A signed Account Opening Form (you will be able to print the PDF file at the end of Step 7)
  2. A photocopy of your IC (both sides)/passport.
  3. A photocopy of the Beneficiary’s IC/passport (birth certificate for Minors below 12 years old)

Click “New”

step 2 fundsupermart

Step 3: Account Details

Just fill up your information.
Your login ID had to be at least 8 character and must consist of alphabet and numbers.

Step 4: Details of Beneficiary Applicant and Direct Credit Bank Details

Just fill up the information of your beneficiary.

Step 5: Anti-Money Laundering Declarations – Beneficial Owner and Politically Exposed Person

Most people will Click “No”.

Step 6: Confirmation

Please verify that all the information is correct.

Step 7: Print form

You may fax the documents to 03-2148 7718 or email a scanned PDF file to clienthelp.my@fundsupermart.com.

That’s all. You will automatically receive an email with your softcopy PDF form attached. Just sign the form and send to them.

Once your application is processed, your login details and password will be mailed to you by post.

Happy investing!


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    • riz

      in msia have 36 companies unit trust. you also can invest with Maakl

    • John

      I think online unit trust investment account can save on the service charge, but it does not provide personal service by unit trust consultant. I still prefer to have my unit trust consultant to offer me useful financial advice and keep me update without me have to monitor regularly myself.

      • Ian Kree

        John, you have a good point there. My two cents: Online stock market isn’t something new but many investors still prefer to trade offline with (human) brokers. Thus, I think, not all mutual fund investors prefer to do online mutual fund. Many people prefer to see/meet or hear the voice of a human mutual fund agent/stock market broker. This way the investors can judge/evaluate their sincerity and professionalism. Most importantly, should anything wrong happened, they know who exactly to contact and to solve their problems; or to blame.

    • Maha

      I agree with Ian Kree. Since I’m investing in Public Mutual only, I got no choice. Have to rely on my unit consultant. Good strategy for those who choose other than Public Mutual.

    • Ian Kree

      Personally I like fundsupermart.com because it assists us to make mutual fund investment decisions, has portfolio management system and it provides investment facilities. Somemore it gives discounts in the service fee. However, it doesn’t offer Public Mutual funds.

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