D’Leh was waiting quietly behind a big rock. His heart was beating fast and strong. Finally, the preys turn up. He knew that within the next few minutes, he was going to face the moment of death or survival. If he could take the animal down, the flesh would be enough to feed his entire tribe for months. If he failed, they may all die in hunger. In these few minutes of battle, he might fall for any minor mistake when dealing with such a huge beast!

D’Leh is the main character of the movie 10,000 BC.


The risk of death

Our ancient ancestors face the struggle to find food every single day of their life. Like what we’ve watched in the movie, if you can’t get the food on time, you won’t be able to get through the long winter. Fight for food now or die!

But those are ancient time. What about now?

The risk of being uncomfortable

You no longer have to worry about finding food. Life is so enjoyable that it is not only about the struggle to put food on the table.

If you want to succeed financially, why not taking risk of being uncomfortable? That’s the only risk you may need to face. That may be the only consequence if you fail – being less comfortable.

If you start a part time business, what you may lose are leisure weekends.
If you start a freelance business, what you may lose are movie nights.
If you invest in that stock, what you may lose is a portion of the capital.
If you quit your job now, you may end up in a smaller house, an older car, and less money to spend. I doubt that you will end up in hunger.
What are you going to lose anyway?

Just do it!

It is no longer risky.


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    4 replies to "It is no longer risky"

    • Lai Seng Choy

      Excellent way of thinking. Yes! Go for it!

    • Mrcoolku

      Ya, definitely I like this idea. Why people always afraid of being wrong. It is still no the end of our life yet. Go… Just do it! XD

      • KCLau

        What a great Nike slogan !! JUST DO IT 🙂

    • ~zam~

      haha.. my boss always say.. Just Do It!

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