WLM asked about foreign currency investment in the forum:

Is now a good time to invest in FCFD for short to medium term investments? Lets say for a tenure of around 6 mths to 1 yr in currencies like AUD or NZD? Just need an opinion from someone who knows better about finance compared to myself here.

Thanks Alvin Soong and Edmund Tan for getting the conversation going. If you have anything to say about foreign currency investment, please head over to the forum.


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    • Lisa

      Please, trust only professionals !!!!!

      I used one company – The Private Fund Management S.A.

      Because, if u want to get good profit – it is better to use investment company.

      You can get up to 22% per year.

      You may deposit your money for 3, 6, 12, 18 or 36 months and save as much as you like with a choice of up to 10 currencies that can be held within this account.

      They also provide 100% deposit insurance.

      So, that really works.

      And also they do have support service, you easily can deal with then and check for details!

      Wish you good luck!

      save your money!!!!!

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