I attended the investment talk at LTA last Wednesday. It is our privilege to have Mr. Phua Lee Kerk, a leading fund manager from Pheim Unit Trust Berhad to present a 100 minutes session on investment topics.

Talk Outlines:
1.The important and the roles of investment in financial planning? How to present to client this message?
2.How you, as an associate of LTA (who core competent is not in investment) can help your client in the area of investment and yet enhance your core biz, e.g. life insurance, will writing, etc?
3.What the difference between investing in Life Insurance Investment-linked policies (ILP) and Unit Trust?
4.Market outlook and investment strategies for the next six months.
5.Presentation of Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd (PAM), the company, investment philosophy and approach, performance record, client profile,etc

We are all very excited when he talked about the market outlook. Some points worth to be mentioned here:

  • China share crisis, if it happens will not be a viral scary history. Chinese buy shares with cash. No margin allowed like what is happening in Malaysia where traders trade and speculate.
  • This year is a volatile market. So keep some cash and buy only at dip. Currently Pheim asset allocation is about 40% cash.

Mr. Phua’s profile:

Mr. Phua Lee Kek is the CEO of Pheim Unit Trusts Berhad and he has wide and varied experience in the financial advisory and portfolio management fields, having worked in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore for more than 16 years with companies like Smith Barney (now Salomon Smith Barney), Baring Securities (now ING Baring), Vickers Ballas, Jupiter Research and APS Asset Management. He was a part-time lecturer for the Registered Financial Planner program in Malaysia and co-writer of the book “Practical Approach to Mergers and Acquisition in Financial Services Industry” Mr. Phua as a highly regarded investment expert in Malaysia, his views and opinions are frequently sought by mass media.
He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) and Master of Engineering (Computer Science). He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Photo: Mr. Phua Lee Kerk & Me.


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