There is an article at The Star about inspecting the property. Architect Anthony Lee shared some useful tips.

I have been hunting for properties lately. These tips are published just on time. We shouldn’t overlook minor defects because it might lead to major problems requiring corrective renovation in the future, hurting your pocket even more.

The tips include:

  • checking outside the house for big trees – too close may cause structural problems
  • checking the fences and gates (inspect the base)
  • checking the roof gutter – make sure they run on a straight line – water leakage will affect the ceiling, walls and finishing inside the house
  • checking if the floors are level
  • looking at the lines at the side of wall
  • tapping the walls and tiled areas
  • using the tester to check all the power points
  • testing the water pressure by turning several taps on simultaneously.

If there is any defects, you can ask the seller for discount or repair. If it is a new house, you better get the developer to rectify the problems within the warranty period (usually 12 months or more).


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