I recently tried out the SignalInvest Personal, an online service that can monitor your unit trust transaction and performance. Since it is the sole and only online service that is able to monitor unit trust investment without much hassle, I signed up and give you a short review here.

If you don’t mind paying RM1.00 for SMS fees on the 14 day trial access, I suggest that you go sign up now to give them a try. The system is pretty useful.

Portfolio Overview

It is easy to add fund at this page. A nice bird view of your portfolio pie chart with 5 different colours indicates your investment portfolio. It would be nice if they also include a different colour for oversea investment. Perhaps the same colour can be used but with different texture. For example, equity is coloured red. For oversea equity fund, it can be light red.

Signal Invest Personal Portfolio Overview

My Funds

In this column, you will see your unit holding in tables instead of the pie chart. You can also add fund at this page. Click on the fund name and the performance graph will be shown. The transaction can be easily edited. Editing function includes the date of investment, bonus unit etc. I can say that it gives you a lot of flexibility when come to edit your transaction.


This page is for users to input the targeted return for every single fund you invested in. It is stated in annualized compound return instead of total return. I would prefer that it has both. After you key in the targeted return, it will be shown in your fund overview. I wonder whether they provide any email alert or SMS alert when your fund achieved the targeted return. Time will tell.

SMS Menu

When you are not online, it is handy to check your unit trust performance via their SMS service. Type the relevant function and send to 36828. You will get the reply instantly. As we are used to, every SMS received comes with fees. The SMS costs between RM0.30 and RM0.50

Transaction History

All the transaction history is listed in this page, including fund switching, unit split and redemption. It would be better if they integrate the edit transaction function at this page.


Export or print – I can’t find any function that will allow you to print the information and chart. If you need to print your investment portfolio, use the “Print Screen” function on your keyboard or simply copy and paste.

I emailed the company to enquire about any affiliate program they provide for marketing SignalInvest Personal online service. I received their respond but unfortunately, they didn’t take my question seriously. I will take the answer as “No, we don’t pay bloggers to market our service.” Anyway, money aside :), I do this review to help my reader to get the chance of accessing a useful online unit trust monitoring service. You will be the judge.


SignalInvest Personal is a very useful online service for unit trust investor. There is no need to input the price and update the fund performance. I know some active unit trust investors are monitoring their portfolio using excel spreadsheet. I think you already realize the trouble of updating the price every time. Try it out and if you are satisfied with the service and think that it is worth RM99/year, payment can be made into the company’s Maybank account. No credit card accepted at this moment.

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    13 replies to "How to monitor unit trust portfolio using Signal Invest"

    • EL

      Hi KC,

      Do you know of any other similar service as it looks like they have closed down.


      • KCLau

        Don’t know any at this moment. You can try FundSupermart.com.my

    • choon

      Hi KC, do you know any reason why they discontinue the service? Thanks.

    • Salmi osman

      Interested for the application.. However unable to download .

    • Jojo

      Still using it now?

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    • kclau

      @ Relax,

      It definitely save you a lot of time.

    • Relax

      I think I will use this service for sure when I start to invest.
      It would be a convenient tool if the investor is in oversea.

      RM99 / 12 for a month is quite reasonable. It is like RSS, right on the fingertips.

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