For those who invested in equity fund this year are “seeing” handsome return by now. I said you are only “seeing” it because return is only real if it is locked. Switching funds, or rebalance your portfolio will help you to realize some gains.

Public Mutual launched several equity funds these year and all those funds are performing very well. Particularly those funds that are exposed to China market are giving outstanding return. Thanks to the China stock boom.




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    10 replies to "Handsome return for Equity Fund investor"

    • Sarayuth

      Could you please recommend some performing well funds or good future incline?
      I intend to invest in only some Shariah aggressive equity funds from Public Mutual Funds. Thanks

    • ayu

      how did you calculate the return of PITTIKAL= 253.66% (10 years total return ) that mean average 25 percent a year? if i dump rm100k, after 10 years my money will be rm353k?

    • Bernese L

      can I buy the mutual funds on line without going thru’ any agent to save some commission payable

      • KCLau

        Hi Bernese,

        Some banks provide internet banking service that allow you to purchase unit trust funds. I’ve done it before using Public Bank internet banking, but the service charges is still the same (6.5%).

        As far as I know, we still couldn’t skip the agent route at this time.

    • Simson K

      Could you please adise the Public Mutual Funds which are allowed to invest from EPF Savings. Thanks.

      • KCLau

        1. Public Regular Saving Funds (PRSF)
        2. Public Index Fund (PIX)
        3. Public Islamic Balanced Fund (PIBF)
        4. Public Islamic Dividend Fund (PIDF)

    • JASON

      Hi! I’m new investor here. Anyone know where I can get the launching price for each public mutual unit trust?

    • Mark McGuire

      I am curious about two things here,

      Are these Malaysian based funds?

      Are these returns pegged to the American dollar?

      (I don’t know much about Malaysian currency but am learning.)

      • KCLau

        Hi Mark,

        Yes. These are unit trust fund in Malaysia. All returns are calculated in Ringgit Malaysia.

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