I don’t know how you would react to the current healthcare emergency.
The numbers of infection and the death toll keep rising every day. The more you read about it, the scarier it gets. Pandemic had turned into panic, at least at some cities around the world.

No doubt that there is massive fear, everywhere, affecting almost everybody. As the coronavirus outbreak injects fear in the market, many people rushed to exit. Some are afraid to catch the falling knife and see their portfolio evaporate. Due to the high uncertainty, everybody is wondering how long the pandemic will last? And when will investors stop panicking?

Well, let me share what happened in my neighbourhood when President Trump just announced the national emergency.

In Oregon, studded tires are only allowed until March 31. I just saw my friend changed his BMW’s tires to the regular ones last weekend. With the arrival of spring, my garden is blooming with flower again. Even my little honeyberry tree grows leaves back.

Just as everybody thought that winter was already over, we experienced a snow shower. My neighbours’ roof was covered with snow. We usually have less than a week of snow in a whole year here in Portland. If you missed it, you would miss it as the snow is too thin to stay long. When the sun comes up, it will melt in minutes.

Fortunately, this time it snowed on a Saturday. We were all at home to practise more social distancing. Schools close early for a longer than usual spring break.

As we were having breakfast in the kitchen, we observed the flurries of snow roiling in the air under the command of roaring winds. How amazing it was because my wife and I grew up in Malaysia. Such occasion is a rare scene, even in Portland.

“My dear, shall we go out to feel the snow shower?”

Minutes later, we put on our winter gears, and we were outside. I felt the snowflake crashing on my face. When I talked, I could taste the ice as pure water. Falling snowflake hit my spectacle and dissolve. That’s an excellent experience that we couldn’t just ask for any time.

After a 20 minutes stroll, as we walked towards our home, the wind downgraded, and the snow got lighter. At the time we reached home, the snowing stopped.

What did I feel?

Seize the moment. Appreciate life.

An unexpected snowfall permits a joyful moment of snow play.
Similarly, an unexpected pandemic presents investment opportunities.

Can you find opportunities during this time?
Can you make something good out of the current moment when almost everything is locked down?

Perhaps, this could be the best period to enjoy time with your family or read the books that you have put off for a while.

When you are prepared, you’ll know what you can do.
This time, we have our winter jacket, gloves, earmuff, snow pants, snowshoes. Let’s go out and have some fun.

Buffett once said, when others are fearful, be greedy.
If you have cash and buying power, isn’t this the best time to act?
Great wealth transferred during the period of fear.

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