On 15 January 2020, our government launched a nationwide campaign that offers a one-off RM 30 reward to local e-wallet account holders as a movement to encourage adoption and usage of digital payments in Malaysia. Boost, one of our country’s leading e-wallet apps, has been chosen by the government where local citizens could receive their RM 30 reward from just downloading its app. If you have Boost, you can use it to pay for movies, dining and online shopping. 

Now, you can get more benefits if you are a Celcom Xpax customer.

On 27 February 2020, Celcom announced that Celcom Xpax prepaid consumers would be able to enjoy a 10% cashback for purchasing Celcom Xpax reloads and Internet reloads via the Celcom Life App. You can earn your cashback all the way until 30 June 2020. In this article, I’ll list down five simple steps to follow in order to enjoy your cashback: 

Step 1: Download the Celcom Life App 

First, you may download the Celcom Life App via Google Play or the App Store

Step 2: Link Boost via Celcom Life App 

Second, you may search for and click onto the Boost icon which is placed at the top right hand corner of the Celcom Life App. 


If you have a Boost account, click onto ‘I have a Boost Account’. Otherwise, you may click onto the ‘I want to Register New Account’ button which would direct you to open your new Boost account. 


From it, your Boost account will be instantly linked to your Celcom Life App. 


Step 3: Time to Reload 

Third, you may locate and click onto the ‘Reload’ button and choose one of the following buttons: ‘Credit Reload’ or ‘Internet Reload’. 

Step 4: Select Your Preferred Amount

The amounts that you can select either for Credit Reload or Internet Reload are as follows: 

Credit ReloadInternet Reload
RM 10.00RM 10.00
RM 30.00RM 12.00
RM 50.00RM 19.00
RM 100.00RM 30.00
n/aRM 38.00
n/aRM 50.00
n/aRM 79.00

Step 5: Enjoy Your 10% Cashback 

The amount of Cashback to be claimed would be as follows: 

There are some terms and conditions to this campaign. The maximum Cashback to be enjoyed is capped at RM 20 a month for every Identification Card (NRIC) holder. Visit Celcom’s website for the details.

Question: What if I’m a Celcom postpaid user today? 

Do I get any perks? 

On 12 February 2020, Celcom launched the Celcom Mega™ Postpaid Plan. This plan comes with a couple of Cashbacks and a Rebate. First, if you are a Postpaid Plan user, you can trade 10GB of unused Internet for RM 5.00. This is possible if only you have downloaded the Celcom Life App and a Boost account as the RM 5.00 will be credited into it. 

In addition, if you opt for Celcom’s Auto Billing Service, you would enjoy a one- off RM 50.00 in credit rebate and would not be charged RM 10.00 a month for its printed bills, which for most, is a cost that is unnecessary and should be eliminated.

Download the Celcom Life App Today! 

I believe Celcom is sincere in its initiatives to offer better value to its consumers with cashbacks and ease of assessing mobile and Internet connectivity through its Celcom Life App. To enjoy your Cashback, you may start by downloading the app from the following channels: Google Play or App Store


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