Ever since I wrote about my disappointment with the redundant charges on fixed line rental in order to use Streamyx, there have been many supports to ask for a combined bill and charges.

I thought TM had responded to our request and introduced the new Streamyx Combo lately. However, what I think about it is that’s merely a repackaged. I signed up for the upgrade to RM110/month. I used to be using the 1Mps package for RM86/month ( RM2 rebate for using auto-charge on my credit card as payment method). Adding on the fixed line rental of RM26, the total I used to pay is RM112/month.

The new package gives me all the same benefit – same line, same phone number, same login user ID, same 1Mps unlimited broadband access – with RM2 discount. That’s not much at all. But what is required from me is just a signature and form-filling. I probably spent 10 minutes on that, during my lunch beside TM office. 10 minutes for RM24 a year and every year as long as there is no better offer, it is still a bargain.

I am not the only one who is disappointed after all.


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    • vickie

      if you subscribe Combo3 package of course not much different to you. But if you want to subscribe Combo 4 and Combo 5 which cost between RM140 and RM160 is totally worth at all. Im thinking to switch the package to Combo5-4mpbs. What do you think?

      • KCLau

        @ Vickie,

        1 Mbps is fast enough for me. I didn’t try other higher speed anyway. Is anyone subscribed the faster package? Share with us your experience.

    • tabuxander

      how dare they call that promotion? they just combined fixed line and streamyx fee. Nothing different

    • RockYourVote.net

      Streamyx Combo is just a repackage…

      Streamyx fast food lookalike promotion under fire. Don’t get fooled by the delicious KFC lookalike ads!…

    • iCalvyn

      with the combo1 package, just save about RM10++, if without package, the price will be RM45(streamyx)+ rental RM26

      may be i will change it, since my maxis bardband are so lousy

      • KCLau


        can you share a bit how “lousy” is your maxis broadband?
        If possible, at forum.kclau.com

    • KCLau

      Just got an email from Choon Lai. He suggested that I change my fix line rental to subline rental.

      What you need is:
      Someone already have a fix line and sub a line for you.
      Sub line rental: RM 10 per month save RM 25 per month
      Disadvantage: Someone have to trust you cos same billing.

      Thanks Choon Lai. A trick that I never realize.

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