What is the best way to spend the weekend with your family?

Majority go to a shopping mall. The wife can shop for clothes. The husband can visit the electronics shops to view the latest gadgets. The children can have some fun in the video game centre.

Lately, my family have fallen in love with this new act – visiting the show units of the latest properties development project.

Yesterday, we went to Asia Hills.
There is a waterfall within the gated residential compound. No fence between houses. I think you don’t need to install the ugly grill in order to feel safe.

We dream to stay in one of this bungalow houses. Knowing that we can’t afford one yet, it motivates us to earn even more.

It also reminds us that a million ringgit is really not much. One of these bungalows costs at least 1.3 million ringgit!


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    • eugene

      cool bro,so did you buy it if you did do invite me over,i just love to see beautiful houses. i am the regular to your blog, keep it up

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