I announced the ebook group writing project last month. There is a total of 16 money tips submissions. YowChuan from Meshio.com has volunteered to edit the layout. I’ve received the revised version today and it is awesome! Thanks to YowChuan, who is also one of the contributors and a well-established personal finance blogger in Malaysia.

From the last poll, we have decided that the most favourite title for the ebook is eMoney Tips.

Now, please find the following poll to decide on the artwork for the ebook cover. All the designs are done voluntarily by Ken Neoh. Ken is a very talented photographer. You can check out his magnificent shots at his flickr page. Thanks a lot Ken!



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    4 replies to "eMoney Tips eBook Cover Design"

    • seng

      Mr KCLau,

      I have some questions about share investment. My company went 1st board last year. I’m know nothing about shares. So during the IPO, i bought some units. I heard one of my colleague said it’s expensive to sell it thru the remiseir and he told he’s sellling his own stock online.

      I open my account thru the OSK agent that my company invited to handle our account. But i didn’t get any online account. My colleague open his CDS account with another agent. So it is thru that selling thru online account disable the remisier to charge us on the % ??
      If so, how can i do like him??

    • Kevin

      Hi, Mr Lau.

      I like the magazine design one.

    • LOKE

      KCLau, is there any other design?

      • KCLau

        @ Loke,

        Do you want to submit a design?

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