My son walked into my working studio and saw me working on my presentation slides. I have no design sense, so the most preferred software to create some stunning graphics is Canva. Just like any other curious kid, he asked me what’s the software I used. I showed him the website link, and he went back to his room almost at lightning speed.

Minutes later, my email inbox started to pop up messages from Canva. My son had added me to his design team. He also shared a few graphics design he did so I can see from my account.

He then knocked on my door again.
“Dad, can we play a creative challenge game?”, he demanded.
“Errrr…” I was a little bit reluctant because I was busy with producing the decks for a seminar coming up soon.

Here is the moment when we need to handle with care as a parent. What would you do? Would you delay your kids’ request, until the critical things on hands are completed? Or would you put it aside and prioritize your family? So how do I decide?

I adhere to some principles to guide my daily actions. When it comes to the circle of work and family, I believe you are like me too, putting the family on the top priority above all. So the natural thing to do was to look at the clock. It was 8.30pm.

That has passed the official working hour. You might have a different working schedule. For me, working time is over. It is supposed to be family time, game time, reading time, music time or Netflix time. So I instantly made up my mind about the right thing to do.

Capitalising on his urge to create some design, I would love to expose him to some creative ideas. The game is on.

So here is how we were going to play the game of creative challenge. We will come up with a theme, and we would then work on our computer, using Canva to come up with something. The first request is to make a magazine cover based on anything related to travel. Just 10 minutes later, we were both done with our version.

I did something based on a trip we took recently. My boy came up with his version of vacation paradise. Next, let’s do something practical that I am doing every day. I propose to do a poster about a financial seminar. Minutes later, we did the banners. Guess which one is my son’s job?

Before the game was on, I thought I was going to set my time aside to entertain him. But just a little bit of thought calibration, the time was pretty well spent. In my opinion, it is a better use of that time slot compared to the case if I had remained to focus on my job on hand and ignore my son’s request.

To summarise the value of this action:

– I separate work and family time, and always prioritize family above all. I believe if everybody is taking good care of their family members, there will be no social problem.

– Kids love games. When there is a little stake in the game like this Creative Challenge, a small competition to see who get the design done faster with better quality, an assignment for adults become a game for kids. Through this activity, my son learns the software, understand a little about what makes up a good design and gets to play with creative words. Indirectly, he also discovers a bit of marketing sense.

For parents, nothing beats the happiness we can derive from having our children. There is a Chinese proverb, “form a family and build a career”.

The sequence is to get married and have children first, and then you will go on to have a successful career or business. In my opinion, that’s true because when you have a family to take care, you have a better sense of responsibility and tends to be more productive.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What happened after you have a child? Tell us in the comment below.
Wish you great happiness!


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