Personally, I’m a big believer of one having medical insurance. Probably, it is the most important product that one should have regardless of our financial status, unless of course … you intend to pay hospital bills with your own money. 

But lately, cases of one receiving either a ‘conditional acceptance’ or ‘rejection’ from life insurers are increasingly common in Malaysia. This could be due to an increase in health issues arising from multiple unhealthy lifestyle habits among Malaysians. 

Let us assume, you are one of the recipients above and felt disappointed about it, the question is: ‘Are there any more options for me apart from queuing up at the government hospital if I wish to enjoy low or negligible medical fees?’ 

Here, I had brought back KC Chong, my mentor, former CFP trainer and founder of SAC Wealth Management Sdn Bhd onto my 1-Hour Live Webinar to share his insights on multiple options which you can apply today if you were ‘rejected’ by your life insurer. We would discuss: 

– Do you really NEED a Medical Insurance? 
– How to IMPROVE your chances of receiving an ‘Approval’ by life insurers? 
– OPTIONS available to you If your case is REJECTED by life insurers?
– Insurance BENEFITS that your employers are offering to you today. 
– DIFFERENCES between Personal Insurance & Corporate Insurance Policies.

    2 replies to "What are Your Options for Medical & Life Insurance Coverage if you are ‘Uninsurable’?"

    • Wong siew chin

      Hi due to my hetic schedule , its difficult for me to follow ur webinar .. i thou being a premier member i can access on my own free time , whic is normaly late at note b4 i go to sleep . Kindly advice how i can acesss current and pass webinar

      • KCLau

        Being a paid PWM member, you can access the webinar recording and notes we put up.
        The video is put up usually 2-5 days after the live session. The notes will be 2-3 weeks after the is up.
        As for the past webinars, you can do a search using the “search box”, or browse through the archive.

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