I have started investing as a P2P financier in 2017 through a platform known as, Funding Societies. To-date, apart from a small loan default, all in all, I have continued to rake in 10+% in interest income and found it to be a stable method of receiving passive income other than stocks and properties. 

There is another operating platform known as Fundaztic, which is also one of the 6 recognised market operators by the Securities Commission (SC). More interestingly, I discovered from the Vulcan Post that Fundaztic had recently just broken a record at PitchIn where Fundaztic has emerged as the fastest equity crowdfunding deal in Malaysia as it successfully raised RM 3 million in 38 minutes after its deal went live at PitchIn in mid-2018. 

Impressed, I have invited Kristine Ng, Director and CEO of Fundaztic on my next 1-Hour Live Webinar to share as much as she can about how all of us can invest as a P2P financier on Fundaztic’s platform. We would discuss: 

– Brief Introduction of Fundaztic 
– Strategies to mitigate your risk and earn more with Fundaztic
– What other factors to consider besides looking at Note/Issuer details?
– Benefits and Unique Selling Proposition for Investors
– Fundaztic’s Current Investor Reward Programmes and many more …


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