Expert: KCLau, financial educator

– What’s Your Current Investment Return?
– How to Calculate the Return on your Total Net Worth?
– The Power of Compounding Interest on your RONW
– How to Increase Your RONW?
– What Investment Can Achieve the Desired RONW?

    12 replies to "Return on Net Worth Analysis"

    • Valli kalliappan

      Wooow!!!It was a really a very Awesome session about the RONW analysis. Very simple and straight forwards…

      Im really benefited with this method and look forward this kind of good session in future…Thanks KCLau

      • KCLau

        Hi Valli, great to hear that. It is actually utmost important to look at wealth accumulation this way. That’s how compound interest works and why rich people are getting so much richer.

    • Sam Liew

      Hi KC,

      I missed the webinar….any recorded video I can watch to learn on this matter?


      • KCLau

        Hi Sam, PWM members can access all recordings and downloads.
        Check out the membership here.

    • Kon

      Thx for the video. Learn another subject.😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

    • chen

      can’t get into your training as mentioned.

      • KCLau

        Hi Chen, for paid members of PWM, please make sure you login with your username on the right sidebar. When it shows your status as “logged in”, the full video will be shown.


      Hi KC,

      In your example how come the insurance is an asset? For my case I have an investment-link insurance account with Allianz and for every ringgit i put in about 50% goes to insurance and the other half for saving. Can i assume that i can calculate the returns on the savings as part of the monthly contribution at asset column? Having said that it’s not clear what’s the returns i am getting from the annual statement as it go by calculations of unit price….arghhh.

      • KCLau

        Only the cash value of an insurance policy is considered assets.
        However, as you said, it is very hard to calculate the return. So generally we can estimate that the cash value portion is getting 5-7% return a year.

    • Sam Koh

      Hi KC, Can we have the spreedsheet? thanks

      • KCLau

        Yes. Do you see the link below all video and download buttons?

        • Sam Koh

          OK. Got it. Thanks very much!

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