TY Koon

Expert: TY Koon, full time property investor and REN (Real Estate Negotiator) from Esprit Estate Agent.

– Factors to consider in getting a good rental property
– How to attract tenants who will pay you high rental
– How to create more rental space?

    5 replies to "How to Create Good Cash Flow Property?"

    • Yew Hong Foong

      Hi KC, couldn’t download Presentation Slides. Access denied.

      • KCLau

        Thanks for informing. The link is fixed now.

    • Jason Pillay

      Thank you for the excellent video
      -What is the best R.O.I for Rental return in your opinion KC ?

      • KCLau

        Of course the higher the better. In the current slow environment, a yield of more than 4.5% if good enough.

    • Steven Lau

      Some good insights in this video.
      I’ve some questions:
      1- Providing value added services to tenant (e.g. Internet and Satellite TV). For after service support, do you offload these tasks to the tenants by providing them all the relevant information, or you’ll still do it yourself whenever tenant complains service interruption?
      2- Renting to universities/colleges students. From your experiences, how would be the maintenance like, knowing students would most likely damage some of the interiors (e.g. walls by sticking posters onto it). Even though the demand for rental could be high, the maintenance costs could be discouraging, if I’m correct.


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