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    5 replies to "How to Get International Medical Coverage"

    • Wilfred Lau Sin Choon

      What if I’m working longer period (up to a few years) in other country? I’m currently working in China and planning to go back to Malaysia after a few years. Currently my company in China covers my medical fees. Should I get another 1 from Malaysia?

      • KCLau

        Hi Wilfred, in your case, since you are covered in China by your employer, then you don’t really need an international medical card.
        When you come back to Malaysia for good, you can get a local Malaysia medical card.

      • chong chinkian

        You may consider to purchase one in Malaysia if you are worry about it. Because we all know that we wont stay in one company for many year. Always good to have one private medical card so that even when you are not working with any company (due to any reason or even health problem) you still can cover your own medical bill. But I do not think that you need a International plan. What I think that you can have a investment link plan type of medical card when you are back to malaysia. They is more that enough Financial Adviser that you can seek advise from including CF Lieu.

    • Michelle

      My son turned 18 and has type 1 (T1) diabetes. I know Malaysia insurance company don’t accept T1. Do you know how do I get an international medical card as I know some insurance company outside Malaysia covers T1. Thanks

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