Co-Founder of the Fifth Person
Known as the Mr. Nice Guy, Rusmin is one of the Magnificent Five that founded the Fifth Person, Singapore’s fastest growing digital magazine on the subject of stock investing. Today, Rusmin is the main contributing force behind the research team that adds variety of good quality stocks into the research base of the Fifth Person.


– 5 Key Figures to Focus on in a Financial Statement
– Patterns of a Winning Stock
– Growth Traps that Savvy Investors would Avoid
– Red Flags of Fraudulent Companies
– Case Studies & Discussions on Real Stocks


Financial educator, author and trainer

    5 replies to "How to Read Financial Statements like a Pro?"

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    • Tham Wai Kit

      Wow, im a subscriber to Fifth person as well. Never knew you guys are linked. Fifth person did teach me alot of things for the past few years. Im glad that you guys are link to each other. Great video, learn alot.

      • KCLau

        yeap .. I met Rusmin and Adam in person.

    • Su Xian Yap

      Hi KC, I cannot play the webinar even though i have already logged in. When i click on the video, it asks me to log in again.

      • KCLau

        Thanks for informing the issue. Your browser is showing the cached page. The quick fix is to “REFRESH” the page. Your account is still good.

        Please follow this procedure to see if your problem is solved:
        1. Login first at: (check “remember me”, so you don’t have to login again in the next 30 days)
        2. Visit the page with the training video.
        3. If it is still showing the short video, hit the “refresh” button, or “Control”+”R” button, or “CTRL”+”F5”. See if it works.

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