‘ABC Bhd is going to be listed next month. Should I apply for its IPO shares now or not?’

Perhaps, you may come across a company that is about to be listed and now is in the midst of receiving application for its shares. You are excited and wonder whether or not you should be applying for its shares at IPO price. If that is you, please hold onto your horses.

Some newly listed stocks have proven to be great deals especially to those who bought their shares at IPO prices. However, there are many stocks which fail to deliver results to their shareholders. Thus, how do we tell which IPO shares are good to apply and which are the ones to avoid?

Answer: a 500-page long IPO Prospectus.

Here, I have invited Victor Chng, co-founder of the Fifth Person, on my next live 1-Hour Webinar, to share how to read the IPO prospectus of a stock before you apply for its shares. Here are some highlights of our discussion.

– 7-Steps Process to Analyse an IPO Prospectus
– How to Spot Potential Red Flag
– Find out whether You are Paying at the Right Valuation
– Case Study on a Recent IPO Listing.
– Live Discussion. FAQs. and many more …

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      Can I have full version of this webinar?

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