How to achieve the best capital growth from stock investing?
Is it for us to invest in small-caps, mid-caps, or large-cap stocks?

Commonly, many who wish to attain superior capital growth via stock investing would consider small-caps for they may regard large-cap stocks to be expensive and unaffordable.

Also, think about it. A rise in RM 10 million in earnings a year is a huge thing for a small-cap that earns RM 10 million in its previous year. It is a 100% growth rate for the stock. But, the same RM 10 million jump in earnings is quite a minuscule one for a large-cap that earns RM 1 billion a year consistently. Thus, it seems logical for ‘growth investors’ to focus on small-caps.

Here, we are going to challenge the ‘norm’.

This is why I have brought in Stanley Lim, the Chief Editor of Value Invest Asia and a serial growth investor. Stanley debunk the above and share how it is also possible for growth investors to have stellar results from large-cap stocks.

Content of the webinar:
– What is a Growth Stock?
– Growth vs Value: Which of the Two is Better?
– 4 Key Factors When Looking for a Growth Stock
– Is Valuation Important to Assess Growth Stocks?
– Case Studies


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