Some basic accounting is crucial for stock investor. You at least need to have the ability to Interpret a stock’s financial statement.

More importantly, I have avoided buying losers many times in the stock market. This is largely because I know how to read financial statements.

Investing in stocks without accounting skill is like walking in a minefield.

In this webinar, I had roped in Ian Tai, my partner at to do a Live Workshop on Interpreting Financial Statements. This is ideal for you, if you wish to identify stocks that are financially sound from stocks that are not in 20-30 minutes time. From this Live Workshop, you will learn:

  • Why Reading Financial Statement of a Stock is Vital in Stock Investing.
  • What to Look For in a Financial Statement
  • How to Assess Financial Results and Strength of a Stock like a Pro.
  • How to Shortlist Fundamental Solid Stocks into Your Watch List.
  • How to Significantly Reduce Costly Mistakes Made in the Stock Market.


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