When investing, many people would focus on ‘Growth’.
Not many would ask if the ‘Growth’ is sustainable over the long term.

Meanwhile, some hoard cash in the other spectrum because they see investing as difficult, risky, and overwhelming. But deep down, they know that the value of money is diminishing due to inflation.

On this webinar, Yap Ming Hui, the leading authority in holistic wealth management talked about:

  • Potential Investments to Look Out for in 2022
  • Key Personal Finance Challenges in 2022
  • Proven Strategies to Capture Investment Opportunities in 2022
  • How to Protect Investors’ Accumulated Wealth?
  • Pitfalls and Traps to Beware and Avoid When Investing


Financial educator, author and trainer

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    • Boon Ann 

      Hi KC and Ian, is there by any chance that I can request for the link to download the pdf from Mr Yap ?

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