These are the discussions on our upcoming webinar:
– How to Evaluate the Cash Instalment Plan Offer?
– What is the ‘Hidden’ Actual Effective Rate of the CIP?
– Should You take it for the Down Payment of your Home Purchase?
– Complete Google Spreadsheet Template for you to Copy, Edit and Share


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    3 replies to "How to Evaluate a Cash Instalment Plan Offer and Is It Worth to Fund Property Down Payment?"

    • Chen Heng

      Hi KC,

      Gd day. How do we evaluate option to install a PV (Solar ) System for our house. The estimated cost is around RM28,000 for a 6.2kW system. Our TNB Bill currently is around RM380 per month. Potential savings for TNB bill is around RM300 per month. System expected to last at least 20 yrs. Is it worth it to withdraw fund from EPF to pay for the system. Thks / CH Low

    • Lee Lim

      Dear KC,

      I can’t find the spreadsheet template for this webinar.
      Pls help. Thanks.

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