Once, there was an ambitious young man.

After attending a seminar, he bought a total of 16 properties in a short span of 3 months with a group of partners. He believed this was the way to achieve his financial freedom.

But as his story unfolds, this ambitious young man had incurred a deficit of RM 5k a month from his “real estate investments”. This cash bleed lasted 7 years, costing him more than RM 500k in financial losses.

Fortunately for him, this man survived.

And he is here to share his story so that you can avoid his past predicament.

Ng Ka Hoe, RFP & Founder of J Advisory is here to share:

– 5 mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate
– Characteristics of Grade A Properties to Focus On
– 3 Financial Solutions to Turnaround his “Cash Flow” Situation.

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Financial educator, author and trainer

    2 replies to "How Ka Hoe Survived his 16 properties blunder losing more than RM500k in the last 7 years?"

    • Dato Joseph 

      Dear KC ,

      The above matter refers.

      Is there a replay on ” How Ka Hoe survived his 16 properties blunder ” ?

      Please revert .

      Thank you

      Dato Joseph

      • KCLau 

        Dear Dato Joseph,
        We did have the replay for this webinar for 7 days after the live event, free for the public, at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kclaumoney
        However, after 7 days, we had archived it for paid members only, posted here on this post.
        Only the paid Premium Webinar Members have access to the full recording and presentation notes.
        You can check out more details about the membership here: https://kclau.com/webinar/join
        thanks for asking.

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