Are you a self-employed individual? 

If you are self-employed, running a start-up, whether it is a one-man-operation or even a small business with a couple of trustworthy employees, you don’t want to miss our next online seminar. 

There are many aspects to building a successful enterprise. One of them is Bookkeeping and Tax Planning. It may be your least favourite thing in the world to work on. But, if you have good practises on it, it would help you to build an efficient business, save on tax payments and bring your business to the next level. 

Thus, it is my honour to have Teng Kong Yang, a highly qualified accountant back onto my 1-Hour Live Webinar to share his take on Best Bookkeeping Practises & Strategies to Save Income Tax for YA 2019. We would discuss: 

– How to Set Up a Standardised Filing System? 
– What are the Supporting Documents for Income Tax Filing Purposes? 
– What are Deductible Expenses to Reduce Your Income Tax Payments? 
– Income Tax Implications on Sole Proprietorship & Partnership vs PLT & Sdn Bhd. 
– Should You Convert to PLT or Sdn Bhd, and When is The Best Time to Do so?


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    5 replies to "Best Bookkeeping Practises for Self-Employed"


      Can private doctors( working in Private hospitals) still operate under Sdn Bhd? The recent LHDN ruling in 2016 says no but there are certain accountancy firms that say it is still valid while others say otherwise. Can you shed some clarity in this matter? If the answer is no, are there any deductible expenses still claimable under their personal taxation?

      • KCLau 

        I think it is a gray area now. I would suggest that you work with an accountant that’s comfortable to implement the strategy that can work to your advantages.

    • Ang Lai Hock 

      I am a Dr GP and my clinic has been operating as a SDN BHD for the last 20 years or so. The LHDN has not objected to the Sdn Bhd. The recent problem was with specialists operating in private hospitals having Sdn Bhd and paying their family members .

    • Vasanth Ramanujam 

      any views on foreign sourced income? There so many confusing views online and amongst the industry. would be good to get an expert webinar on this done.

      • KCLau 

        Thanks for the suggestion. We will contact some experts to see if they can provide some insights.

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