Imagine yourself:

– Incurring a cash deficit on a monthly basis.
– Servicing RM 2.4k a month on personal loan (bad debt)
– Having less confidence about financial future.

That was Jarod in 2021.

But unlike many who suffered in silence, Jarod attended our regular webinars & he’d contacted a licensed financial planner that we’ve featured for help. Today, Jarod’s financial position had turned around for the better:

  • No longer he is in cash deficits.
  • Gone are his personal loan (bad debt)
  • His net worth increased from 5-figures to 6-figures.

How did Jarod overcome his financial challenges?

Watch the webinar recording below:


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    • Pravin 

      Can I know more about the Tawarruq concept under islamic finance to reduce mortgage interest if I’m not mistaken.

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