As I write, it is common for life insurance agents to promote savings plan to the public as viable vehicle to fund one’s lifestyle after retirement. Occasionally, the savings plans are often branded as ‘retirement funds’. 

So, would you ‘invest’ your money into a savings plan? Here, in the next 1-Hour Live Webinar, I myself would be discussing in great length on a savings plan and how to calculate the returns from your ‘savings’ into these plans so that you are able to decide for yourself, whether or not, you should ‘invest’ in them. I’ll talk: 

– Discover the differences in return rates
– How agents mislead clients with their ‘flawless’ presentation
– How to dissect information in a quotation of a savings plan
– How to calculate the actual effective rate of return of a savings plan
– Live Discussions. FAQs. and Many More …

    6 replies to "5 Undisclosed Truths of a Savings Plan that Agents Won’t Want You to Know"

    • DORIS

      The video recording for the insurance topic stopped half way.

      • KCLau

        For paid members, after you login, you will see the full video and download links, instead of the 15 mins short version.

    • Young

      Hi KC, thanks for this WebInAr. I attended but I lost the link to the spreadsheet. How do I get it back? Hope you could help. Thanks.

    • Cynthia Chan

      Hi KC, the link for the slides (google presentation) goes to savings plan evaluation spreadsheet. Is there an error in the link?

      • KCLau

        thanks for informing. We had fixed the link

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