Receiving regular streams of rental income is definitely the most significant reward of being a landlord. This is especially true if you have already built one heck of a sizeable property portfolio yourself. 

As we’re entering the month of April, it is time to declare and file income tax. When it comes to filing income tax, one of the key consideration is: ‘How do we file in rental income from letting out our properties in Malaysia?’. 

Hence, it is my honour to have Mr Teng Kong Yang, a qualified accountant onto my next 1-Hour Live Webinar where he would share:
– The various types of tax submission form in Malaysia
– What is statutory rental income?
– Should you treat the payment from tenants as ‘rental income’ or ‘business income’? 
– What are the expenses that I can use to deduct from my rental income? 
– How do you declare rental income as a joint owner of a property
– Personal tax planning (tax relief and documentation)

    3 replies to "How to Compute and File Taxes for your Rental Income"

    • MAX TAN

      Where can I download the presentation slide? Thanks

      • KCLau

        We didn’t get the slides for this webinar. But we have the notes – check it out!

        • MAX TAN

          That’s great! Thanks

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