First, let me tell you three stories. At the end of this article, I will show you their similarity.

Evil credit card

She pays everything on credit. She loves the dress so she swiped her VISA card to pay for it without realising that she can hardly afford it. She paid for the latest hand phone on 24-month easy instalment plan. After a few months since the day she first got her credit card, the credit limit is totally used up. As a result, it took her five years to fully settle the outstanding balance. She blamed that credit card is evil.

He neglected his wife because of iPad

He just bought the latest product from Apple, the iPad. The gadget never leaves his hands. After a few weeks, his wife started complaining and whining. She was not happy because the husband is more interested in iPad. One day, she smashed his iPad on the floor during a fight. Obviously, she blamed his husband for the lack of love because he is too obsessed with the iPad.

A student asked for refund

He bought the Perfect Pitch course. Perfect pitch is a rare ability only a few musicians possess. Without referring to any reference note or instruments, if you instantly recognise the pitch (F#, Bb or D) of a note, you have the perfect pitch ability. The course he bought is a series of CDs teaching this ability. After going through only a few lessons, he still can’t develop the skill. So he blamed that the course is just crap. It doesn’t work. Do you think the course doesn’t work at all, or only to this particular student?

These stories are the example of tools and the users. Credit card, iPad, and the CDs are just tools. Credit card doesn’t create debt. IPad is not evil. CDs just deliver the information. It is the users who do not use the tools properly that cause all the disasters.

So remember this, money is also a tool. We are the users.
Money is not evil. The users who misuse it are the root of evil.


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    3 replies to "Tools and the users: Who is evil?"

    • Woon Lip Fuey

      Very good article, thanks for sharing..
      Ya.. this article arouses me how important of education and knowledge in using, and patient is also a very important issue in get right to use tools which may bring you the benefit.

    • Lai Seng Choy

      We have to learn to control these tools but not being controlled. Pinpointing when something go wrong is definitely not the way to solve the problem. Remember, when you are pinpointing with a finger, the other 4 fingers are actually pointing back to yourself. Therefore, a same tool will give different outcome, depends on how intelligent the user is.

    • LOKE

      I totally agree with you. It is human nature to point their fingers at other things or people when something does not go right.

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