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Small things without any doubt can make a big difference. And, when it gets applied in money, the joy is unparallel. There are definitely times when we mock at small decisions and are skeptical how much these decisions can accumulate money for us. Follow the below given pointers and you will get an insight into how you save money by the smallest unnoticed decisions of yours.

Take good care of your health

Make it a point to take good care of your health.

We often tend to act careless when it comes to our health. It is not to be so. We all know that if we were to take good care of our health, we would be upbeat leading to which we can drive away all the illnesses that may take us down.

You can also save a lot of medical expenses in the process.

For example: you are experiencing problems in your kidney and you decide to postpone your doctor’s appointment. It aggravates and leads to much bigger problems. You wonder why you didn’t pay a visit to the doctor’s earlier on.

Switch Off Appliances not in use

Always switch off electrical appliances when not in use.

For example: switch off the lights or the ceiling fan when you are not in that specific room.

When you buy electrical products, make it a point to purchase products that have undergone electric consumption tests. Compare with various products in the market and buy wisely.

Fuel Savings

Saving fuel is very important. Fuel can be saved to a large extent while driving a car.

For example: when you know you are going to be stranded at traffic signal for quite sometime, it is considered a wise move to switch the ignition off. This act of yours’ will save a lot of fuel and eventually a lot of money too.

Beware of your mortgage

These days, more and more people turn towards credit companies to get their goals fulfilled. Similarly, when you want to buy a house or start a new business, you are naturally but, tempted to go in for a mortgage.

It is definitely easy to obtain but, eventually comes with some conditions. You must pledge something or show something as collateral. Persons possessing credit less than their affordability have to look deep into bad credit mortgage. Doing so will only result in you going back with a home ownership or spend the rest of your term paying monthly rental bills.

Watch out your Credit Card

Consider making constant checks on your Credit Card statements. By doing the credit report scam, you will only be helping yourself in identifying if there’s any sham movement going on in your account.

If there happens to be any improper expenses being made in your account, try to slash the origin itself before letting it replicate. You can do this the new way employed by many instantaneous alerts these days.


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    3 replies to "Small things do make big differences"

    • Gerald Fernandez

      Credit cards is the biggest problem. Have just one credit card and only use it for emergencies or in instances where you could purchase items at interest free. BUT you must make sure to settle full payment and not minimum amount to avoid high % charges.

    • Lai Seng Choy

      Health is an invaluable asset and, yes, we should take a good care of it. Don’t take it for granted. Or else, what you have earned will eventually be contributed to doctors.

      I have been switching off the whatever electronic items not in use for years and this action save me a few ringgit a month. It is quite obvious. Not much but it is still a savings.

      As for car traveling, I always try to plan my journey in advance to save fuel.

      Mortgage issue might not applied to me now as I have been out of debt for quite some time. Anyway, what I did was to get out of “bad” debt as soon as possible as “bad” debt only spend my money but not contributing.

      • Suraj

        Agree that health is highest of priority. It’s good saving electricity in that manner. Killing two birds with one stone. Saving your pocket and the environment. As for fuel, proper maintenance and good driving habits creates to long term saving. Mortgage; I don’t have any yet. Hopefully could have one for investments sake.

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