I just learnt this a few weeks back after attending a workshop of Lion Advisors.
We were learning some solution packages for the local business people. The speaker talked about the problems most businessmen face.

No matter you run your business in partnership, or Sdn. Bhd., or sole proprietor, you will find a great sleeping business partner. This partner will come into your business when you start making profit. He will share a portion of your hard earn profit. You have to pay him his share of the profit regardless of whether you like him or not. Worse still, he is not going to pump in any money into your business. He will not contribute any effort to build your business either. He is your sleeping partner no matter you like him or not.

His name is government. The money you pay him is called income tax.

So, if you already found a good business partner at this moment, please appreciate his existance.


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