Just read the book Why We Want You To Be Rich by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. There is a great quote in the book. As educator, they prefer to teach the reader to fish rather than feeding them fish.

To simply give someone money won’t make them rich. It is similar to feeding the hungry with fish. They will take it for granted and never learn to make better money. But if you teach a person how to make more money, it is like teaching the hungry how to fish. Some people prefer to be given fish rather than taking the initiative to learn the skill to fish on their own. This kind of people will forever remain poor.

There are salesperson who prefer to sell fish to their client. They afraid that when the customer learn the fishing skills, they will lose their job. If we add the 2 words “sell” and “fish” together we get “selfish”. I don’t like to sell fish. But I would love to teach you how to fish on your own.


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