For traditional insurance policy, the life assured can either pay yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly.
If the yearly premium is RM1000/year,
the monthly premium = RM1000 x 1.05/12 = RM87.50 (total 5% extra)
the quarterly premium = RM1000 x 1.03/4 = RM257.50 (total 3% extra)
the half-yearly premium = RM1000 x 1.02/2 = RM510.00 (total 2% extra)

If we want to compare the interest rate with Fixed Deposit Rate or Home-loan daily rest rate, we need to calculate the effective annual rate (EAR). It can be calculated using the Financial Calculator.(I use HP 10B)

Let’s start with the monthly premium
Payment mode = 12 times per year, use the BEGIN mode
PMT= -87.50

Calculate i = 10.80% (effective annual rate)(EAR)

Try to calculate the other payment mode:
Quarterly EAR = 8.03%
Half-yearly EAR = 8.16%

If we can’t afford to pay yearly, it is better to opt for quarterly rather than half-yearly.
If you are confident to make an investment return of more than 10.8% a year, it is better for you to pay your premium monthly even though you can afford yearly premium.

Every sen kept and saved will still make you richer by one sen!


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    4 replies to "Paying Monthly Life Insurance Premium charge 10.80%"

    • Finn

      Hi, how about GE investment link plan?
      Does this formula apply to the plan as well?

      • KCLau

        it doesn’t apply to investment-linked plan.

        • weiquata

          How is the charge for monthly payment of GE ILP?
          I’m considering changing from quarterly to monthly payment.

          • KCLau

            It is not as high as the traditional premium. The difference is only applicable to insurance charges, which is not significant when you compare it to the total ILP premium. I recommend monthly payment for ILP, especially when it has passed the first year.

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