Four prime areas of personal financial planning and the elements involved:

Wealth Protection

Life Insurance Planning

Income Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning

Living Trust

Children Incentive Trust

Family Protection Trust

Tax Planning

Liability Cancellation Planning

Business Continuation Planning

Risk Management

Managing risk of Double Tragedy

Wealth Accumulation

Investment Planning

Unit Trust Investment

Stock Investment

Real Estate Investment

Investment Portfolio Management

Dollar Cost Averaging

Retirement Planning

Children Education Funding

Home Ownership Planning

Vacation Funding

Wealth Management

Tax Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

Net Worth Analysis

Financial Goal Setting

Debt Consolidation

Debt Reduction Plan

Lifespan calculation

Mortgage Refinancing

Wealth Distribution

Will Planning

Family Maintenance and Medical Trust

Testamentary Trust

Children Incentive Trust


Most probably you had gone through some of the elements during your wealth planning process. I provided the list above as a guideline for what you can do with your wealth.

What do you think that I had left out? Please tell me in the comment section.


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