A reader replied my email sharing his success story. I think that what he has achieved is a proof that one can achieve financial freedom in employment.
Although his achievement is something to be proud of, he chose to remain anonymous due to personal reasons.

success story
You can achieve financial freedom in employment world

He worked in a local bank starting as an executive officer and before he left – a working life of 32 years, he was holding a senior manager position.

He wrote:

“I am in my mid fifties and already financially independent (retired) having various streams of passive income. The key to my success is building wealth through savings and investments, and paying off my debts fast.

My first property was a small double storey terrace house although my staff loan entitlement permits me to go for a bigger house worth at least RM300k. Free from having to meet high loan instalments, my surplus income was used to invest in equities. Over time I was able to build a respectable share portfolio as well as acquire other properties.”

When I asked him what are the three most important things he has done that ensure his success, he stated these:

Things that I did right:

  • Plan for your retirement early and familiarise with investment/financial issues
  • Do not spend on non-essentials as that will greatly increase your savings rate (spend below your means)
  • Diversify investments over various asset classes

Things I did not do right initially:

  • Speculate instead of invest in the stock market
  • Not having a cut-loss limit when buying shares

What do you learn from his sharing?


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    8 replies to "What three things an employee did right that ensure his financial independence?"

    • mommy@30's

      struggling yet heading…

    • KnowThyMoney

      Planning is important and starting early is vital. In the end, i always stress that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

    • Gerald Fernandez

      Interesting KC. What’s important as a take away from the success story is: start early, have sufficient knowledge (learn) and spend below our means.

    • Vivien

      After read the above, I feel that the above jz like me….but im not in mid fifties. Im doing what ‘Things that I did right’ and i did ‘Things I did not do right initially’

      I do believe that an employee can ensure his/her financial independence as well if he/her can practise ‘Things that I did right’

    • hanneng

      what I learn from this is, start to plan for retirement early and stay healthy.

      my father also start to plan for retirement early and today he owned 3 fully paid single story houses in KL, which is 1 for self-stay and 2 for rental income.

      In fact he is still healthy and continue to work part time, to stay active life & meet friends and social life.

      • KCLau

        I love your comment about staying healthy..
        Basically, no health is more or less equals to no time.

        • Jeiyaraj

          Not really, KC. To me, if you don’t have good health, having time & money doesn’t mean anything. Good health should ALWAYS come first!

    • Kc Lau

      The common trait of people who achieve financial freedom is that they alway live below their means.

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