We had seen many changes happened in the past few years in financial planning industry. I feel so lucky to be a part of Lion Team Advisors Berhad(LTA). LTA had successfully applied both the 2 major financial planning licenses in Malaysia. First is the Investment Planning license issued by Security Commission. The second which is the Financial Advisory license issued by Bank Negara.

LTA is offering associate package known as Lion Advisor, in order for existing and new LTA members to deal with all kind of financial products available through LTA ‘s network. It won’t be long in the future that I will be able to deal with more than one insurance company. Currently, LTA had practically associate with many unit trust companies and Will and Trust companies.

If you want to know more about LTA’s business structure and how to become a Lion Advisors, you can contact me at quange21@gmail.com. The picture shows LTA’s CEO Mr. KPThum giving training on investment matters.

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