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Architects design and build real houses. Similarly, financial planners design and build your financial house.

Job Description

Architect: “I work on new buildings in the regeneration of an area, design alterations to existing buildings, or advise on the restoration and conservation of old properties.”

Financial Planner: “I work on client’s financial matter, design alterations to existing financial plans, or advise on the importance of having realistic financial goals

Architect: “On every project, I work closely with other professionals, including engineers and surveyors, to make sure that their buildings meet the necessary standards.”

Financial Planner: “On every project, I work closely with other professionals, including accountants, lawyers and doctors, to make sure that their reports, agreements, and contracts meet the necessary standards.”

Architect: “I prepare and present design proposals to my clients.”

Financial Planner: “I prepare and present financial plan proposals to my clients.”

Architect:” oh.. are we doing the same thing?”

Financial planner: “No, I don’t think so. Your clients meet you when they have money to spend. But I meet my clients to ask them to save and invest. I think your job is much easier.”

Build your Financial House

Financial planner helps you to build your secured financial dream house. Before you start accumulating wealth, you must lay down a great foundation. Good foundation will transfers loads to the ground. You don’t want to embed it too deep because it will be wasteful. You don’t want to embed it too shallow either because your house might collapse.

Financial Foundations

  • risk management
  • asset protection
  • life insurance planning
  • emergency funds

You can now build pillars on top of the foundations. If one of the pillar collapse, you will still have a great foundation at the bottom.

Financial Pillars

  • cash flow management
  • tax planning
  • loan consolidation
  • mortgage refinancing
  • investment planning
  • retirement planning
  • education planning

At the time you are growing your pillars into stronger columns, you need strong financial roof to protect your assets from being washed away by rain, snow, or wind. Stormy weather in life won’t affect your finance if you have a well built roof.

Financial Roof

  • wealth distribution
  • will writing
  • living trust creation
  • business succession plan

Figure 1: Financial consultants design and build your financial house.

Financial planner is like an architect. Your real house is just a part of your financial house. The priority should be meeting your financial architect first before you made any decision.

Call for Action

Please meet your architect financial planner now to ensure your financial house is properly designed, built, safe and secured.

If you don’t have anyone to talk to, I am ready to listen to your rambling.


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