I am hosting this discussion here because of the brilliant idea from Ken Yeoh (one of my email subscribers and webinar attendees). Ken wrote to me:

Hi KC,

Thanks for your great webinar and articles all the time to give us a great place for learning.

I do have a simple request on whether will you do a simple survey to your audience as a life references for youth n young men like me.

Title: “if you have the chances to go back to 23, what advise will give him/her or any decision that u may make differently”

As a 23 old young man working in listed company, I may need to make some huge or life changes decision in coming years. From many aspect, including financial, life, business, relation ship, marriage and etc.

Thus, need some guidance or advice from the experienced person or who have venture the road that I may pursue the same to avoid the same mistake that others had made.

Hope to get your respond on this.

Thanks a lot.

So if you’ve gone through the age of 23, what’s your advice for Ken? What’s the most important thing he should do now? How is it going to impact his future?

Imagine that you can turn back time. What would you do differently? That’s the kind of advice Ken is seeking.
We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Kindly feedback and comment in below.


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    3 replies to "What’s Your Advice to a 23-Year-Old? (Imagine that you can turn back time and do differently)"

    • Zuhair

      I would to say get business experience, so you don’t have to go interview and become employee. Try to sell anything or give any service..

      • KCLau

        @Zuhair, good advice. Get some selling experience as young as possible. Good marketer always makes a lot of money.

    • KCLau

      If there is only one I advice I can give you now, I would say mix around with the people who are much more successful than you when you are 23.
      For example, have lunch more often with bosses, rather than your peers. Volunteer to do works for the person you look up to.

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