How much do you spend for magazine and newspaper subscription each year? I used to subscribe to a local daily Chinese newspaper which cost me RM1.30 per day. Besides that, every month I’ll receive two business magazine and one music magazine. Let’s calculate how much is my yearly subscription:
1. Newspaper – RM1.30 x 365 = RM474.50
2. Personal Money Magazine = RM75.60 per year
3. Entrepreneur
创业家 magazine = RM150 per year
4. Keyboard Magazine = RM120 per year.
These make up a total of RM820.10.
But since early this year, I read via Google reader more often than reading my magazine subscription. Later, I found that the news and stories I got through RSS reader are even more up-to-date, with convenient links and sometimes with video clips as well. But I don’t have to pay a single cent to get all those information I like to read.
After a while, I realize that most readers only read what interest them. In my case, I never read the whole newspaper from page 1 to the end. I only read the title and some subtitles, and only zoom into the details part for the story that interest me. The same thing happens to the magazine too. Not every page excites me. Most of the pages are advertisement anyway.
Eventually, I canceled the newspaper subscription. Probably I will just stick to the Personal Money magazine and Keyboard Magazine next year. This will bring my subscription fees down to RM200/year – save additional RM620 in the process.

What is RSS? For those who still don’t know about this RSS thingy which is started back in year 1997, RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ or ‘RDF Site Summary’. RSS is a tool used to display headlines so that you can stay informed and up-to-date with your favorite news sites. Most blogs have RSS subscription options. Subscribe to my RSS to get updated information automatically through your feed reader.

For your information, I am using Google Reader. When I am not in front of my computer, I use my Dopod M700 PDA to access Google Reader via Wi-Fi connection or GPRS.
Want to learn more about how to use Google Reader and save more money? Watch this short video guides by Andy Wibbels.

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    3 replies to "Save on Magazine & Newspaper Subscription: Use RSS reader"

    • […] also follow some niche reports and blog via RSS subscription. My news and updates are delivered real time whenever I want to access them via my Dopod […]

    • kclau

      Hi Vedis,
      Yeah. There is a lot of sad news and it makes reading the newspaper had become like watching a lot of sad movies. Where is Novel Hut in Ipoh? I always stop by Ipoh to have a healthy juice drink at Ever Fresh near Excelsior Hotel.

    • Vedis Teh

      Hi, KC,

      I have stopped newspaper subscription for a long time. We are only greeted with BAD news every morning ! I want myself to be happy every day…;D

      Knowing all the bad news doesn’t help in our work and making money at all. If I really want to know something, I will read online newspapers.

      As for those magazines, I buy second hand from Novel Hut in Ipoh.Sometimes I am lucky enough to get the latest copy at half price…;D

      No need to buy newspapers and magazines now.

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