I was blocked by traffic police few days ago. Did I get a traffic summon? Yes and No. YES because the police officer said the summon will arrive in my mail box in two months time. NO because I still have to wait two months to verify the YES. More about this story later when I shared with you how I got away from traffic offenses. Before you are stopped by a police for traffic offense, here are some tips on how to keep your cash money safe in your pocket.

Avoid breaking traffic rules – this is obvious. If you don’t want a traffic tickets, just don’t make any offense. Eventually, I still broke it sometimes. What to do? I am driving the 8th generation Honda Civic. You will never realize that you are speeding unless you always keep your eyes on the digital speedometer. If you can keep your eyes on it, you will most probably see this number only: (don’t drive while taking photo)
Smile, silent, and don’t offer – fellow Malaysians know that there are many sleepy traffic polices. When they are sleepy, they need coffee. Coffee is expensive;you can go to Starbuck to verify the price. Being under-paid for a very long time, they will ask your help to donate some coffee money. If you think that you can save summon ticket by offering coffee money, you are definitely wrong! That’s called bribery, not a wise money saving move. From my past experience including the recent one, I always use this strategy. Let me share the stories with you.

  1. Traffic offense No.1 – In year 2005, I made a right turn which is prohibited at a T-junction. A “sleepy” police officer came out from nowhere and stopped my car. I smiled, showed him my driving license and identity card. Then silent. He asked,”Do you know what is your offense?”. I answered yes and silent. He continued,” This will cost you $100 you know?”. I answered “oh…”. Then silent. He finally let me go by saying,”I see, you are not local folks. I’ll let you go. Drive safely next time.” because the address in my identity card shows Kedah, not Penang.
    Traffic offense No.2 – In year 2006, I made a U-turn at a traffic light. A police officer stopped my car and his colleague came up to me. I was bringing some friends from Johor to have lunch near Penang Mega Mall. I still use the same technic: short answer, smile, silent and the most important thing, don’t offer! He hinted that they are doing Raya (festive) operation, the summon is the maximum rate. Anyway, I was released again without ticket issued. Reason he gave: Don’t want to spoil my visitors’ mood.
    Traffic offense No.3 – This happened just a few days ago. The police officer said that I exceeded the speed limit. My speed at the time of offense is 88km/hour. Still the same strategy: smile, silent and don’t offer. He let me choose whether to receive the summon on the spot or wait for the letter. I asked how long does it take for the summon to arrive in my mail box. He said two months. Ok, I will wait. If I got the summon later, I will write another follow up post regarding this.

If a summon is inevitable, appeal for discount – Finally, if the above strategies don’t work for you, you can still appeal for discount at the police head quarter. I got a 30% discount for one of my previous summon.

Conclusion, never ever bride a police officer, you might end up paying more. Don’t act for sympathy. Don’t beg the police to give you a chance. Don’t give yourself excuse that you can’t afford the summon. That’s cheap and so wrong! Just smile, keep quite and DON”T EVER OFFER to BRIBE!

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Not sure if you got a summon? You can check it online or SMS 32728 with the correct text message.

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    13 replies to "How to Save Money without Paying Traffic Tickets"

    • Kumar

      HellO guys,
      i got summons around total 1k and i am a student and cannot afford that much
      How can I appeal for discounts in my traffic summons?

      • KCLau

        Can try appeal personally at the traffic police station, in your school uniform and student ID. They might give you a discount. I did that when I was 17 for a speeding ticket and got 50% discount.

    • ms liew


    • Shereen Lee

      Hi KC,

      Just now 1.35am when I crossing the “cross junction” only found out that the green light is show for right turn because the red light is spoiled. Because from far away I only can see the green light, so when I crossing the road is too late for me to stop in the middle of the junction. I might be receive summon because the camera flashing few times. Where should I appeal for this incident? Should go the traffic police station or JKR department?

      • KCLau

        You better check with Traffic Police department

    • peter

      do you get the ticket?

      • KCLau

        @ Peter

        until now .. 28th June 2008 – I still haven’t got the ticket.
        I think my strategy works.

    • kclau

      Hi PlatinumGirl,
      Sorry that I really have no idea about those places. I will look for friends who might be helpful.

    • PlatinumGirl

      Hi KC,

      For Arygll Road, i heard its pretty quiet at night and perhaps not in the hot spot area. For Hong Ping, i just scared that its a hotel frequented by pok-pok-kai and i have a baby going. In short, i need a cheap, safe and clean accomodation. Do you have any Penang friends that can help me out?

    • kclau

      I only have experience with some of the hotels. But didn’t ever visit those two you mentioned above. Probably you will have to try them out and write a review at your blog :)

    • PlatinumGirl

      Hi again,

      Hehe.. sorry yeah. Okok, confident then. Btw are you from Penang as I will going to Penang soon? Need help on hotels. Have asked help from some bloggers but most of them dont really know about hotels. Do you know about Mingood Hotel @ Argyll Rd and Hong Ping Hotel @ Chulia. I need a budget hotel less than RM100, if possible.

      Thank QQQQ

    • kclau

      Hi PlatinumGirl,

      it is actually not ‘silent and dumb look’ , it is ‘silent and confident look’. Shows that you don’t care and you can afford to pay the tickets. They will be happy if you show fear and minta tolong. I had both experience with traffic police and the normal blue shirt policemen.

      Hope to see you more often. Thanks for dropping by :)

    • PlatinumGirl

      Hi the KC,

      Thanks for dropping by at my site. This post of yours is really funny. I think you are trying to use the ‘silent and dumb look’ tactic. I suppose that it will work with some police and not all. but you didnt mention whether they were normal police with blue uniforms or those traffic police.

      Anyway, i will add

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